Champions League Final 2011: Old Men Will Win

Posted on May 25, 2011


Written by Saiful Amin.

I will be forty this year. I cannot win that many times anymore as I do not even compete that much. Old age takes away from us what we have inherited and gives us what we have earned.” A wise man must have said that.

The man u boys were playing yesterday. Six and seven of the mid thirty brigade on parade. They would have looked at each other, smiled, shouted but deep in their hearts, they knew that chances do not come knocking anymore and whatever comes their way, they must take.

Thus good ol Gigs and his partner Scholesy will triumph. If Gigsy, the one indisputably great player in modern-day football, have done nothing else during the course of the finals – in the event, he will do pretty much everything, ranging from the dramatically good to the desperately poor via the profoundly indifferent – he will prove the truth of that maxim. There will be any number of reasons why Barca would lose themselves in storm-tossed seas after reaching the mid-point of the contest with the harbour in clear view, but these old statesmen who cannot lose as there might not be another one ever for them will be the rocks on which the man u younger brigade founder.

These men will simply be too courageous, enough to demand possession even though they know they are having a rough one but Gigsy will succeed in forcing the pace, raising the temperature and upping the ante. He will be far from perfect and Scholes will be even further back but as long as they are standing, they will continue to inspire. These men might well be so far off their game in a game of this magnitude and still be at the heart of the matter. Why, they must be special. Genius does because genius must? Why must? They are pushing forty and they will win.

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