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The Debating News Has Moved!

June 23, 2011


Hello Loyal Readers, In the attempt of improving our outlook, we have designed a brand new site which the new url address is Below are some features about the new site: Subscription Our subscription engine is still being developed. Once it’s up and running we’ll automatically register our existing subscribers. In the future, subscribers […]

Report: UTMARA Wins The Great Serdang Debate 2011

June 2, 2011


              . Monday, May 30, 2011: UTMARA won against NUS at the grand finals of the Great Serdang Debate Championship 2011. The motion debated was that postcolonial states should not be members of organisations based on a common colonial heritage founded by their former colonial masters. From the FB note […]

English Premier League Champion, Is Europe’s Bridesmaid

May 31, 2011


After watching Manchester United comprehensively outclassed (expectedly), driving back to Kuala Lumpur felt like what it would feel like if you had just washed your bottom with Evian and swam in a pool of a dozen pornstars. I looked back at those magical moments and had a revelation: What is more than the fact that […]

Champions League Final 2011: Old Men Will Win

May 25, 2011


Written by Saiful Amin. I will be forty this year. I cannot win that many times anymore as I do not even compete that much. Old age takes away from us what we have inherited and gives us what we have earned.” A wise man must have said that. The man u boys were playing […]

Camp Nou Is My Church, The Players Are My Demi-God.

May 25, 2011


Over the years I have argued that watching an English football team is painfully boring and stupid – borpid. Other than cricket, nothing could be as painful, not even feeding your toes to a lawnmower. And that is why I have graduated from the mind-numbing, coma-inducing English Premier League to the more vibrant and classy […]

Don’t Debate If You Haven’t Read This: It’s Time For Malaysia To Introduce Minimum Wage

May 9, 2011


Don’t Debate If You Haven’t Read This is a new feature of The Debating News that selects debate-worthy articles or news everyday for their readers. A motion would also be worded at the end of the article or news and included in the motion bank. ————————————————————————- by: Muhammad Yunus Zakariah and Tariq Azfar Maketab Published by: […]

Look, It’s Sam And The DLSU Adjudication Core Webinars – I’ve Found The Holy Grail

April 29, 2011


So how do you cope when you’re asked to adjudicate a debate and has never done it ever before? Deciding who wins and coming up with the most effective oral feedback is nerve wrecking enough. How does anyone decide the rank of four teams and come around with the intellect to cook up with a […]