Debatecraft (11-12 July): Harnessing The Science Of Persuasion

Dear Business Professionals;

If leadership, at its most basic, consists of getting things done through others; and if sales, which is a fundamental component of any business, is about wheedling a client to purchase your product or service; then persuasion is one very essential business tool.

MBA courses, leadership books, and executive education classes recognize the importance of persuasion, but they rarely teach it as a practical art and, if they do, the focus is usually on formal presentations and PowerPoint.

In lieu with the global competitive market, persuasion has become more necessary than ever. This has led behavioral scientists, for the past five decades,  to conduct experiments that shed considerable light on the way certain interactions lead people to concede, comply, or change. This workshop shows that persuasion works by appealing to a limited set of deeply rooted human drives and needs, and it does so in predictable ways. Persuasion, in other words, is governed by basic principles that can be taught, learned, and applied.

By attending this workshop, you can bring scientific rigor to the business of securing consensus, cutting deals, and winning concessions.

Download the workshop brochure by clicking on the picture below:

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