Motion Bank

Below are some motions which we find worth debating (updated: July 05, 2010):

Economics / Finance / Business / Money

  • THW Stop Making Sacrifices To The Market God
  • THW Increase Tax On Oil Companies For The Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund
  • THW Make Greece A Charity

World / Foreign Affairs / International Politics

  • THBT Israel Should Not Be Blamed For Their Insecurities
  • THBT Gaza’s Blockade Does Not Make Israel Any Safer
  • THW Not Negotiate With Terrorists

Politics / Governance / Administration

  • THW Introduce Direct State Funding For Political Parties To Finance Their Electoral And Non-Electoral Activities
  • THW Prohibit Political Parties From Receiving Foreign Donations
  • THW Impose An Expenditure Limit On The Electoral Activities Of Political Parties
  • THW Impose A Limit On Contributions By Individuals To Political Parties
  • THW Prohibit Parties From Owning, Directly Or Indirectly, And Being Involved In Business

Social / Life / Culture / Philosophy / Education

  • THBT The Ban On The Burka Is A Mistake
  • TH Should Be Fostering A Culture Of Science, Not Fantasy
  • THW Not Forgive The Sins Of The Church
  • THW Separate The Muslim Prisoners From The Rest
  • THW Scrap Prison Sentences Of Less Than A Year

Environment / Technology / Science / Health

  • THBT The Health Message And Picture Warning Plastered On Cigarette Packs Doesn’t Work
  • THBT Airlines That Charge For A Second Seat Are Guilty Of Discrimination
  • THBT Britain Should Pay For America’s Worst Environmental Disaster

Media / Sports

  • THW Allow Sports Betting
  • THW Allow Advertisements For Abortion Clinics
  • THBT FIFA Should No Longer Embrace Human Error And Apply Technology Within Their Refereeing
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