Message From The Managing Director

H&G was first introduced to the global masses in 2006. Since then it has achieved greatness in becoming a top brand in the promotion and organization of debating and communication related events not only in Malaysia but throughout the world. Today, it holds a formidable reputation as a brand of high quality services and excellence. This phenomenal performance is largely due to its dedicated team of employees, its business partners and the continuous support of the global debating community.

In line with H&G’s corporate mission both from the business and social perspectives, H&G’s vision is to realize a ubiquitous society and address the global political challenges of today. It is our dream to create a world where anyone can enjoy a comfortable life anytime and anywhere, and at the same time harmonize with the different political and cultural credence or principles that we all embrace. Hence, H&G features an event such as the acclaimed World Universities Peace Invitational Debate (WUPID).

To assure the future success and performance, H&G must strive to achieve continuous improvement and be innovative in all aspects. One of the co- founders of H&G, Saiful Amin Jalun quotes, “Do not try to read into the future as it is impossible if not extremely difficult. Create the path to your own future and leave the bread crumbs for people to follow.”

H&G will continue to prioritize customer satisfaction and commit to its basic management philosophy of contributing to the society as a public entity.

We sincerely appreciate your continuous support.


Mr. Shamsol Azhar Ismail
Managing Director

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