Debate Learning Courses And Events

H & G has a range of courses for:

  • Coaches
  • Debaters
  • Adjudicators
  • Organizers
  • Volunteers

Who Can Take Part?

Whatever your previous knowledge, experience or interest in debating we’re sure that there is a course to suit your needs.

Our aim is to improve the understanding and skills of everybody involved in debating but we can only achieve this if we have designed courses that cater for those at every level of the sport.

So whether you’re just starting out in your first debate in school, a debate coach for a university or looking to get into adjudicating, we are confident that there is a course aimed to meet your needs.

Where do Courses take Place?

The majority of our courses are managed and run at universities throughout the country. This ensures that there are always plenty of opportunities for people who wish to take a course at a nearby location.

All the courses deliver the same content and you can be assured that all the tutors have been trained and verified to ensure that each participant receives a consistent delivery to the highest standards.

In most cases the courses will be run over a weekend. This allows the participant to spend the time to go on a course into manageable periods, enabling busy individuals to ensure their debating educational needs can still be met as peoples lives get ever busier.

For those wishing to complete the course quickly, H & G is devising a plan to run these courses online.

Discounts is available to schools (teachers and students).

How can I get Involved?

If you’re interested in participating on a course and would like to view the details of the courses taking place as of recent please view the list under the Product and Services tab or do not hesitate to contact Muhammad Yunus at 012-3116542 or

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