WUPID Names The Chief Adjudicator For 2011

Posted on April 22, 2011


Interview with CNN Turkey at Koc Euros.

Dr. Kamalan Jeevaratnam
Debate broker and source of hope

By Muhammad Yunus Zakariah

I first met Kamalan when we were both debating for our university. He was doing veterinary science and I was doing mechanical engineering. For a while, we were a rat pack, hanging out, debating in a team together, going places. I remember one day he was selected to the first team, for the first time, and a couple of tournaments later we were never paired again. That was the end of the rat pack.

But we are still friends. Not the cliché of “Lets start a business, let’s do a deal.” He is a sounding board for me. Like me, he’s a debate promoter. But we are like Laurel and Hardy: I am understated, cool, silly, but he is in your face.

Most of us wants to make as much money as we can, but Kamalan 30, is out to make the world a better place. He is smart – smart enough to ditch an opportunity to work with the largest and most successful consulting company in he world where he could already be making fortunes – and giving me some soft loans. He has to have a heart in what he does. What he and Sharmini does for WUPID and the community around them is a good example. Most debaters treat the championship just like any other debating tournament – a platform for glory, but he uses WUPID to connect, to strike up a conversation or dialogue, to send positive messages to the thousands of people who digs debating. This guy will show us the future. And it’s gonna rock n’ roll!

PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge
Champion, Australs (ESL Category) 2003 and 2004
Quarterfinalist, Worlds (ESL Category) 2004

YUNUS is a debate promoter, columnist (Troublemaker) and co-founder of H & G Strategic Communications – organizer of the World Universities Peace Invitational Debate (WUPID)