WUPID 2011 Celebrity Ambassador – MC Stiff – Jyeah!

Posted on March 29, 2011


When WUPID was announced 5 years ago, many was thinking that the letter ‘P’ was just a cause marketing stint to get corporations interested to sponsor. But it did seem that the people behind WUPID were dead serious about the ‘Peace’ in WUPID.

Now, this effort of promoting world peace, no matter how ludicrous, is extremely good news for people like you and me. But it is jolly expensive from WUPID’s point of view. You see, when WUPID commits in the promotion of peace, they must now set up a Peace Division, which in business calculations have made an average lost of MYR50, 000-00 annually.

I’m delighted to say however, that this hasn’t stop WUPID, a point that becomes blindly obvious when you look at the crazies behind this very debating event. In fact, the lost that the Peace Division has caused was considered not good enough. They were horrified with the feedback that it received last year and immediately set about filling in the gaps in 2011 with satellite events like the WUPID 60-Second Peace Shout Out!

And what’s more, which is the very purpose of this entry, is that they’ve just signed a contract with a local, rising rap sensation – MC Stiff. You either love this or you’ve started pouring acid on your laptop and run from the room retching. I’m in the love camp.

MC Stiff was selected mainly because of his association with university competitive debating (a debater for UTMARA) and the music collaboration he did with the Bar Council, which featured him singing ‘Moral Bankruptcy’ in a compilation album entitled ‘Radio Demokratika’. You can check out his radio interview on BFM and listen his single Moral Bankruptcy here.

I almost didn’t want to sign him. I feared that it would be a bit like actually meeting 50 Cent. A terrible let down. But no. MC Stiff is astonishing. Turn up the volume, and i’m not joking, it really does feel like a Brazilian. The genius and talent is so intense, it actually hurts.

I know it all sounds too brilliant for words but there’s quite a significant number of fallen battle rappers that would be able to testify to the pain. Here’s one:

At the moment MC Stiff is finalizing a song for a product of WUPID – Debatecraft. To find out more on MC Stiff, and his many events and adventures, feel free to visit his site at http://itsmcstiff.wordpress.com/

And to finally close this entry in style, here’s my (silly) attempt to rap a few verse about WUPID’s celebrity ambassador – MC Stiff:

The ladies were screaming out his name (Stiff), what’s all this about,
I looked down his front. Damn. His cock was hanging out,
We looked at each other, we not know what to do,
But if yours look like that, you’ve probably had Viagra too.

Viagra is a type of drug, only for the men,
A crazy side-effect, if it’s taken by women,
Ladies, kick the habit, or you’ll soon be called Boris.
Cause you’ll have an Adam’s apple, side burns and a huge clitoris.

Stiff is a bad-ass, he’ll never have a lover,
When he leaves the house, the cops will look for cover,
But I’m his housemate, only one thing gives me the fright,
Is when I see him walking, in his little tights.

I offered him a job, because he was so broke,
He was crying, my shoulders were damn soak,
And what happened next, I tell you its all true,
When he got the job, he went tutududududu.

He was so happy, he went to celebrate,
On his first day at work, he came to the office late,
By the time he got there, the Boss was not so dear,
And that’s the day that his penis disappeared.

I hate battle rappers, they are kinda rude,
Their lyrics are so bad, it sounds a little crude,
When it’s played on radio, I hit the button mute,
But I got to admit, that Stiff is kinda cute.

He got a standing ovation, from the front to back,
I bet someone got jealous, someone called Becca Black,
Let me tell you something, that’ll give quite a laugh,
If she ever sings again, I’ll saw her ass in half.

I may not be as cool, I should jump off a cliff,
But I still get away, more sex than MC Stiff,
Laughing at my forehead, he’s really out of place,
I’m your only groupie, so give me your embrace.

I do debates, I do it all the time,
The reason is simple, I can’t make my verses rhyme,
Who would ever thought, they will ever see this crap,
But thats what happens when Yunus tries to rap.