MDO 2011: Stunned For Not Breaking, But Not As Stunned As Alex Ferguson

Posted on March 7, 2011


I refused to go to the break night socials yesterday night, having a bad feeling about how the outcome would be like for my team. A reasonably experienced team ended by the intensity of an ongoing rivalry and insanity cultivated by competitiveness. Or maybe we were just simply crap. Yes, I would rather like to think it that way.

So we didn’t make it to the break rounds. So we were stunned by the losses to a novice team who had never left their country before. A team with members that spoke way too fast that you could swear to God that part of their debate training included doing tongue-push-ups. And teams that spoke in a rather odd English accent that reminded you of a particular Wookie – Chewbacca, an alien that made sounds that was part walrus and part camel. Only Han Solo and R2-D2 was adept to understand that English – and maybe the adjudicator as well.

To some debate fanatics, this ordeal may be mentally frustrating. And I won’t lie either. There was a small part of me that felt angry, disappointed and embarrassed all at the same time. I would be have been bleeding poison and acid if I would’ve cut myself at that moment.

But by any logical standards, the UiTM Serdang team at MDO 2011 was not a very good team. Compared to, say, the MIDP team of Hafiedz, Sucharit and Suresh. In terms of combined success, in both debating career and real life, the team doesn’t really have anything particularly interesting or noteworthy. In fact, the team consists mainly of average people with average speaking skills.

But then we have Masai, who is possibly the coolest man (and animal or whatever) ever to walk the Malaysian debating circuit. Yes, his real name is actually Faiz, but he managed to make James Dean and Steve McQueen look like a couple of nancy boys. I loathed the man religious and political views, but I love the humor and wit.

Even his hair works. Not because you knew it wasn’t grown for any of the usual reasons – vanity, or laziness or insecurity. It was grown because he couldn’t afford to got to the hairdresser and there was no water with which he can wash them. There are people today who would spend a fortune trying to look good, but he manages to look better using oxygen and rain. I bet he had a lot of sex. I also bet he still does.

However, despite the stunning news of not breaking, something a lot more super-stunning overwhelmed my realization that in this world there’s bigger crap out there. The news was a shocker. Sir Alex vanished at the state of horror, while Nani ended up being all over sports channels and publications around and over for being such a cry baby. Liverpool 3, Manchester United 1.

MDO 2011 Breaking Teams:

  1. LAG
  2. MIDP
  3. Sugar Free
  4. Ateneo X
  5. SUM
  6. NTU 3
  7. Dog Curry
  8. Power Puff Girls
  9. NUS 4
  10. NLSIU 1
  11. NTU 1
  12. Two and a half girl
  13. Obamamamas
  14. Waseda
  15. IIU 3
  16. IIU 2