Malaysian Debate Open (MDO) 2011: Exclusive Daily Reports

Posted on March 4, 2011


Alarming news. It seems that all the smart people has gone missing. We all know where all the stupid ones are – they’re all in the White House. Could it be, I wondered, that all the smart people  have all gone to Serdang? But Serdang is a place you go to when you’ve made a mess of everything. Besides, there’s not enough serious projects to go around. The last time I check, researchers in the university nearby was investigating whether or not cows would be able break the speed limit. But seriously, where have they all gone to?

Good news. The Debating News will be reporting to all our readers daily on what goes around at the Malaysian Debate Open (MDO) 2011. The place where all smart people are gathering at this very moment. If you’re not here, good. We’re better off without you. But after reading this, and you decide to make your way here, make sure you do so after brain surgery.