First, Poll Results, Then BFM’s Podcast Nuclear Debate, And Now My Opinion

Posted on February 22, 2011


On Valentines day recently, I heard (on a debate via BFM) that the Malaysian government’s plans to erect a wonderful nuclear power station in 2021 was given the green light and I was very pleased. Quiet power plants with no emissions at all. This will also place the country closer along side other developed nuclear nations like the United States, Japan and perhaps but hopefully not, Iran.

It’s just too delightful for words, but of course galloping into the limelight came a small army of hippies who were shaking their heads frantically and saying that nuclear was the fuel of Satan and, that when the new power plant opens, small people like Moe would immediately drown and suffocate to death from a rampaging swell originating from the forehead.

Many disagreed with the country’s plans, furnishing us with many reasons, all of them stupid. They worry about what happens when the plant explodes. Which is a bit like propagating that we should not stay in a house because it may be crushed by a giant meteor. They claim that people who go anywhere near 2 kilometers of the plant will have their brains oozing out of their ears. They wonder where the plant will be built? – (Singapore?) And they ask what we will do with the waste. Simple. Put it in Singapore?

The fact of the matter is this. The decision to go nuclear is a giant step that would propel the country to astronomical levels of technological advancements. In that instance, I now know why team NUS went on the approach that they did at the GEMS WUPID 2010 Grand Finals (see videos here). Of course the Singaporeans are appearing all paranoid about Malaysia’s plan. Of course they will not stop with all their coma-inducing excuses and reasons. It’s either they fear that if we build it anywhere in southern Johor, everyone in the island will wake up one morning with leprosy or there’s simply no place to built it there, and they’re just being a jealous wanker.

Renewable energy are popular among the eco-mentalists. I recently heard one of them on radio explaining about an energy source that can be explored on the coast of Sabah. But producing electricity by harnessing the moon’s gravitational pull or geothermal raises questions of sustainability. Japan for instance has already these type of plants installed along its coast but not a single one of their nuclear power plants has ever been decommissioned ever since. They all are running at full capacity because, while these renewable plants are theoretically capable of meeting a significant power demand of the country, they produce nothing at all when the weather goes bonkers or mother nature decides to fart pollutants from its belly which has a toxic capacity that contributes to global warming and acid rain. It’s a disaster, and this quaintly brings is back to nuclear energy.

Not only is the energy clean, there are other advantages too. At GEMS WUPID 2010 Grand Finals, the team from Monash University had quite an insight on why Malaysia should continue to pursue such plans. And a good argument is according to the polls (as of February 22, 2011), Monash should have been crowned champions.

I have a reason of my own. The new nuclear power plant will be privately run, which means you can buy shares and it would be worth every cent. Because when things are going well you’ll get your dividends, and when they’re not going all too well, you won’t care because you’ll be bleeding and spurting acid from where your eyes used to be.