School Holiday Debate Workshop: Where Debating Is More Fun Than Fun

Posted on February 16, 2011


Bad speeches, politics in debating and back-stabbing competitiveness has probably done more to damage the cultural worth of Asian debating than anything else in the whole of Asian history since Communism. After the endless arguments, generations of new Asian university goers have ventured into debating convinced that all intellectual discourse is a pathetic, coma-inducing activity.

To be fair, all these quarrels and bickering has some sense and has a place in the world of Asian debating. And that place, is deep in the bowels of debating toilet, where it can be anal-ized by hardcore boring debaters endlessly.

There’s a lot of political posturing about the future of Asian debating right now, all of which seems to miss the point: that school or university students should be encouraged to argue matters that makes debating fun. And politics of Asian debating is definitely not one of them.

As I woke up from the chrysalis of my youth, I vowed to overwhelm and consume the world with the fun in debating and remove the technical bowels that makes debating sounds too complex or clinical. I therefore woke up with an idea – Debatecraft: Where Debating Is More Fun Than Fun.

Debatecraft will be featured for the first time for school students on March 14 & 15, 2011 at the Faculty of Modern Languages and Communications, UPM. It is a two-day program packed with enlightening perspective of competitive debating and fun games.

Don’t miss it and register now. For more info, click here.