Korea Australs 2011: Registration

Posted on February 10, 2011


Greetings Everyone,

Happy New Year! Happy Belated New Year to those who don’t celebrate by the lunar calendar.

As NC, the Co-Convener of Korea Australs 2011, has announced, we have raised our fees for the tournament. It was raised from 420 USD to 450 USD and when we pegged the price to Korean Won 450 USD came to an equivalent of 500,000 KRW.

Please note that we’ve pegged the Registration fee at 500,000 KRW (Korean Won). We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that may cause anyone. The detailed information regarding the Registration is listed below.

Please note the TimeLine for the Registration Process. This same information will be posted on the website at http://www.2011koreaaustrals.com/

The Organizing Committee is working hard and very excited to have you all in Korea Australs. We’ll be looking forward to see you in Korea.

Thank you,
Registration Team

Registration Begins at *2PM* (UTC/GMT +9 hours) On *February 21st 2011*
Please note that the starting time is KST (Korea Standard Time)

Timeline for Registration
Pre Registration Period (Feb 21st – March 7th)
Deposit Payment Period (March 7th – March 21st)
Adjustment Period (March 21st – March 28th)
Full Registration Payment (March 28th – April 4th)
Adjustment Period (April 4th – April 11th)
Individual Registration (April 11th – April 25th)

The Registration Process will take largely in 4 stages.
1. Pre Registration
2. Deposit Payment
3. Full Registration Payment
4. Individual Registration

A. Pre Registration
Log on to our website http://www.2011koreaaustrals.com/ and fill in the pre registration information

B. Deposit Payment
Deposit will be 150,000 KRW per person.
Deadline for payment is March 21st.
Otherwise your spot will be void.

C. Full Registration Payment
The full payment is expected by April 4th.
You will lose your spot if payment is not made by deadline.

D. Individual Registration
Personal information, dietary requests, and roommate preferences required
Please notify us with any other person request.

During the *Adjustment periods*, we will be contacting the institutions on the waiting list to notify whether there is an opening or not. Please be sure to check your email periodically during that time if you are on the waiting list.

If you have any questions regarding registration please contact:
By email: registration@koreaaustrals2011.com
Or by phone: + 82 10 5120 3757

*Policy *

Team Cap
There will be a 3 team per institution rule. Also, the number of adjudicators per institution will follow the N-1 rule. The full capacity number of teams for Korea Australs 2011 will be 120. Registration process will be first come first served based.

Full Registration fee for Debaters and Adjudicators will be 500,000 KRW (deposit included)
Full Registration fee for Observers will be 550,000 KRW (deposit included)

For everyone including debaters, adjudicators and observers, deposit fee is going to cost 150,000 KRW per person. That would bring the sum of 450,000 KRW per team. As we have stated in the Refund policy section, deposit will not be transferable or refundable.

150,000 KRW Deposit is nonrefundable and nontransferable. Once you have paid your deposit fee after the pre-registration, we will not be able to refund that money to you. The reason for this is because the deposit fee will be used for the hotel down payment. Once the down payment is made, we also cannot get any refund for that sum of money.

Full Payment
After the full registration payment is paid, you will be able to get a full refund before May 1st. You will receive 50% of your registration fee back if you notify us between May 1st and June 1st. However, after 1st of June 2011 there will be NO refund. As you know, the tournament will be kicking off in July and final payments for venues would have been already paid.

Time line for Refund
(April 25th – May 1st) Registration fee excluding the deposit will be fully refunded on request.
(May 1st – June 1st) 50% of registration fee excluding the deposit fee will be refunded on request.
(June 1st onward) NO refund will be given.

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