DLSU Worlds 2012: Announcement Of DCAs

Posted on January 5, 2011


Dear International Debating Community,

We write to announce the selected DCA panel for WUDC 2012. We have already written to all the applicants, selected and otherwise, to thank them for their participation in such a strong process. We would like to take this opportunity
to thank also, however, everyone who contributed feedback to this process. A huge amount of feedback was received, but it was its subtlety and nuance (rather than merely its scale) that stood out. Rather than just giving us information, the quality of feedback made us feel more like we were participants in a far more communal process of analysis; as an alternative to having such a weighty and complex decision on our shoulders alone, this model was more than welcome. In many instances this feedback made the decisions we had to make tougher, but we are certain that it also made them better, and helped ensure the legitimacy of the selection process. Feedback was, and at all times will be, kept strictly confidential.

Equally, we were highly impressed with the quality of applications candidates put in. In selecting someone whose immensely-complex job extends far beyond judging individual debates, these application forms were absolutely vital, and were absolutely central to our decisions. More than that, insights from the applications of many candidates, successful and otherwise, have changed the way we think about debating, and about tournament organisation, for the better.

While our decision was difficult, it was also a huge privilege. We are immensely proud to announce that the following are selected as DCAs for WUDC 2012:

Cormac Early
Tim Mooney
Masako Suzuki
Art Ward

We hope you will agree that among this team are excellent motion-setters, fine debate theorists, strong communicators, possessors of important insights into the debate experiences of those from a variety of backgrounds, rigorous organisers and a huge amount of knowledge about various debating communities. As well as being talented individuals, we hope this will be an excellent team, all of whom bring something unique and important; it will be a privilege to work with them.

Naturally, there were many other strong candidates. The strength of this field, in fact, is one key driver in our determination to ensure that the expertise WUDC 2012 draws on is not limited to those selected as DCAs. We hope, for instance, to collaborate extensively regarding training materials we are committed to creating, and to attract a group of senior adjudicators beyond the
Adjudication Team itself to advise on this. In short, we want this to be a ‘WUDC of all the talents’. The quality of DCA applicants this year has reaffirmed the importance of this. More details thereof will follow early in 2011.

Congratulations to those selected, and commiserations to those not. Many thanks to all for making this process so fruitful, and we look forward to seeing many of you in Botswana .

Many thanks,

Sam Block & Lucinda David
Chief Adjudicators