So, Farewell 2010: Wasn’t An Eventful Year, Apart From The Chaos NUS Caused For Winning WUPID

Posted on January 3, 2011


Only a fool would describe 2010, the year that has just expired, as an eventful one. Perhaps the most notable thing about it was that there was not a month gone without a debate tournament (in Malaysia).

Nevertheless, some events did occur and was worth noticing. It’s not for me to comment on serious matters – the sudden disappearance of any news or sightings of the sasquatch or the pointless 3D version of Tron: The Legacy – but, as we limp out of one stagnant year into the next, I’ll take this moment to write a lighter piece of epic that made quite the news:


There’s a great deal in the news (Read it here. And don’t forget to read the comments) about the recent Grand Finals of the World Universities Peace Invitational Debate (WUPID), in which an incoherent Anonymous with a disclosed identity that is suspiciously useless is up against a group of annoyed readers. Why? Aren’t we already treated to enough pointless updates from WikiLeaks regarding Lesser Micronesia, or Singapore? So why are we inundated with every last utterance from these particular super-buffoons?

When notified by a friend of mine, I first suspected this would be a long and painful read and would send me back to the Dark Ages, but do you know what? Like most middle-class Malays, we don’t seem to care when we tread on a social land-mine. In fact, I have an even bigger reason to love it – publicity. The Debate-God works in such mysterious ways. I wouldn’t have done it better, even if I had any part in ‘rigging’ the results.

WUPID have recently been accused of having lost the interest in bringing in good adjudicators and having a qualification for invitees that is a joke. There was even some suggestions that WUPID is to collapse in 5 years due to the struggles to maintain sponsorships. And that is why I shall devote this entire entry to a serious response rather than tagging it on to the end of a rant about rotten eggs. And it’s why I’m choosing the words for the intro for even more care than usual. So here goes: The comments made in the article is crap.

WUPIDs intent and aspiration has always been about quality, which includes bringing in the best debaters and adjudicators to the tournament. Since 2009 (during the economic meltdown), realization of this intent seem to be far more challenging than previous years (2007 and 2008). Having said so, WUPID is extremely grateful for the continued support and care that many elite debate societies and individuals have shown. Unlike the early previous years, WUPID is now receiving the due attention and support that it has always dreamt of since it’s inception, from the government. The governments involvement, especially from our Patron, has rescued WUPID from the sudden impact of the recession of 2009 that saw it’s previous major corporate sponsor (CIMB) pulling out. Last year, the government’s financial contribution has been even more generous and we foresee that sponsorship in 2011 would be a lot more promising as the growing interest from the government will be complemented with the sponsorship opportunities from the recovering corporate sector.

It was also pointed out that the theme is a joke. So what about the theme – peace? Why can’t we include motions on Euros in a peace debate? Al Gore won the God-damn Noble Peace Prize in 2007 for something a lot more bizarre.

What’s more, I would actually love to continue this rant by pointing out the intrinsic qualities in the adjudication panel at the GF – the likes of Dr. Omar Salahuddin and Praba Ganesan, whom legendary debating and adjudication qualities would not need any introduction. These two beasts, would likely be the two alpha-male cows responsible for the existent of the ‘herd-mentality’ mentioned, which finally resulted in a GF verdict that our super-buffoons and a half is so agitated of.

But you know what? I simply don’t care anymore. The remarks are as fabulous as an epic piece of weather – a huge thunderstorm or a hurricane, perhaps. Technically ignorant and beautifully daft. The anonymous comments is like Bruce Dickinson and the Iron Maiden: loud, proud and bad to the bones. Keep it up and thank you for having such a huge interest. Happy New Year!

Can’t help myself from pointing out: Tron looks very much like a remake of The Matrix.