Results: 2nd KDUDA Pro-Am Debate Challenge

Posted on October 6, 2010


KDU University College organized a three-day tournament on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of October 2010.
It also required all teams to comply with a Pro-Am requirement.

The tournament ended  with UTMARA Teenage Moms (Rafiq & Shafiq) winning on the motion : THBT The 21st Century Calls for a Homosexual Disney Hero/Heroine.

Other teams in the finals were , UCTI Timon & Pumba (Timothy & JY), UTMARA Thoughtful Midgets (Sheila & Obama) and MOSAD- Monash University Malaysia (Hasif, Syamir).

Hasif also emerged as the Final’s Best Speaker.

The overall Best Speakers of the Tournament were:

1. Maizura Mokhsein – UTMARA Topless Misfits
2. Shafiq – UTMARA Teenage Moms
3. Qureyh Yunus – KDU Taliban
3. Ranjani Dhanabalakrishnan – KDU MIC-Africa
3. Rafiq Saladin – UTMARA Teenage Moms
6. Razzaq – Sekolah Dato’ Abdul Razak
7. Neville Mchina – KDU Pinky & The Brain
8. Adrian Cheong – KDU Pinky & The Brain
8. Julius Yee – KDU MCA
8. Taysher Nair – KDU S.T.G
8. Tsubasa Nair – SMK Sri Permata
8. Atiq Zaki – UTMARA Islamic MILFS

Maizura bagged RM 100 for being the overall best ‘Pro’ speaker and Qureysh, Ranjani and Rafiq bagged RM 50 each for becoming the overall best ‘ AM’ speaker of the tournament.

Motions for the tournament were:

Round 1
Theme: Ra Ra U La La, Ga Ga
Motion: THW Protect Our Children From Lady Gaga

Round 2
Theme: I Am Your Father
Motion: THB In The Force

Round 3
Theme: Feminazi! I’m A Woman, Hear Me Roar!
Motion:THBT If Chivalry Is Not Dead, It Should Be

Round 4 :
Scenario: You are shipwrecked on an uncharted mystical island with a 90 year old healthy man and a 5 year old boy with 3rd Stage Cancer of the lung. You have enough supplies for only two people.
Motion : THW Kill The Boy

Round 5
Theme : In The Name Of Our Father
Motion : THW Make It Compulsory For Students To Learn At Least One Other Religion in School.

Theme: The Fareez Round
Motion: THBT It Is A Political Imperative For Sovereign Democracies to Assasinate Dictators.

Theme: “Ada Puasa, Ada Raya, Takde Alza Pun Takpe” – Fareez
Motion: THB In 2 Votes Each For the Poor

Theme: Pretty, Pretty, Prince
Motion: THBT The 21st Century Calls For a Homosexual Disney Hero/Heroine.

The Adj Core (Fareez Zahir – IIU, Don Siron – KDU, Aina Syazwani Salleh – UTMARA) would like to thank every participant that joined the tournament and hope that we will see you again next year!

Till next year!

KDU University College Debate Association (KDUDA)