Singapore Debate Open 2010

Posted on August 18, 2010


The National University of Singapore (NUS) Debate Team is proud to convene the Singapore Debate Open (SDO) 2010 from the 8th to the 10th of October 2010. SDO 2010 promises to be the most prestigious and most challenging debate tournament in the local debate calendar.

SDO has traditionally seen a strong showing of debaters from universities from Singapore and Malaysia, local debaters based in the Ivy League and Oxbridge circuit and illustrious members of the debating alumni. However this year, SDO is looking to forge itself a prominent regional tournament and attract teams from countries like the Philippines, India, China and others from the rest of Asia. The adjudication pool of the tournament this year is also the best ever fielded in the history of the SDO, having attracted world-class adjudicators from the international debate circuit to adjudicate at this year’s tournament.

We would thus like to cordially invite your esteemed institution to participate in the NUS Challenge Shield 2010. The tournament details are as follows:

Date: 8th October (Fri), 9th October (Sat) and 10th October (Sun) 2010

Venue: Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore (Bukit Timah Campus)

Rounds: 5 Prelim Rounds, Quarters, Semis and Finals

Debating Format: BP

Team Cap: 64 Teams, 5 per Institution

Adj Rule: N1 (each team will have to field an adjudicator)

Reg Fees: S$40 per debater/ adjudicator (to be paid on the 1st day of the tournament)

Reg. Deadline: 26th September 2010

To register, send an e-mail to complete with the following details:

1. Name of your institution

2. No. of teams with the names of the team members

3. No. of adjudicators and their names

4. Dietary requirements and other relevant information

For urgent matters, please contact me at +65 9738 4171.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you and meeting you at SDO 2010.


Imran Rahim, Kelvin Chong and Alvin Tan

Co- Conveners

Singapore Debate Open 2010

Adjudication Core

This year we are privileged to have Ms. Neha Prakash as our Chief Adjudicator and Ms. Sharmila Parmanand and Mr. Andrew “Ips” Gnananantham as our Deputy Chief Adjudicators.

Ms. Neha Prakash is an esteemed alumnus of the NUS Debate Team whose achievements have set the tone for future generations of NUS debaters to follow. Neha was 2nd top speaker at the United Asian Debating Championships 2010 and was a semi-finalist and quarter- finalist in the same tournament in 2008 and 2009. She was also an Octo-finalist in the Australasian Debate Championships on her first try, an extremely rare feat for a university team in the region. Locally, Neha won the SMU Hammers in 2007 and 2008 and was named Top Speaker in 2008.

Ms. Sharmila Parmanand is a debating powerhouse in the international debate circuit.  She was Chief Adjudicator at the Asian Universities Debate Championship 2009 and Deputy Chief Adjudicator at Auckland Australs 2010, Korea Australs 2011, United Asian Debating Championships 2010 and Asian BPs 2009. She was a three- time Asian Universities Champion, Australs finalist and WUDC ccto- finalist. Sharmila was also given the prestigious honour of judging at the finals of both Australs and WUDC.

Mr. Andrew “Ips” Gnananantham is one of the most accomplished debaters in Asia. He was the Deputy Chief Adjudicator for the Malaysia Debate Open in 2009, and was Chief Adjudicator for the MMU IVs in the same year. He won the inaugural Asian BPs in 2009, was an Octo-finalist in Australs 2008 and 2009, and was Champion and Grand-finalist for several Malaysian IVs. Ips was also constantly ranked one of the top 10 speakers in tournaments such as WUPID, AUDC, Asian BP and ADAM.

Adjudication Pool

To supplement the stellar adjudication core we’ve prepared for the participants of SDO 2010, we have also managed to secure the attendance of several world- class adjudicators to ensure that the standard of adjudication in the tournament remains top- notch.

Mr. Ang Wee Jian is another esteemed alumnus of the NUS Debate Team whose achievements is the stuff of debating folklore. Wee Jian was named Top Speaker in Asia and was the eventual semi- finalist in AUDC 2009. He was also a two- time octo- finalist in Australs, breaking to the latter rounds in each of his tries.

Mr. Satya Venugopal is an accomplished debater from NTU who was also named Top Speaker in Asia in 2010. Satya was is a force to be reckoned with in the debate circuit, winning several tournaments like the NTU Dorothy Cheungs and SDO 2009 and was a grand- finalist in the recent Intramuros IVs held in the Philippines.

Dr. Omar Salahuddin is one of the longest serving chairpersons for the World Universities Debating Council and has adjudicated at several WUDC finals. He has coached several institutions to success has played a key role in developing debate both regionally and internationally.

Mr. Suthen “Tate” Thomas is an Asian debate legend. He was Deputy Chief Adjudicator of Koc Worlds 2010, where he chaired the Grand Finals, and was the DCA for Australs 2008. In a debate career spanning 7 years, Tate was a WUDC octo- finalist, Australs grand- finalist and was champion of the All- Asians in 2005.

Mr. Irzal Kamal is an esteemed alumnus of the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM). Irzal was a WUDC ESL quarter- finalist, Australs ccto- finalist and 2- time Asian quarter- finalist. As an adjudicator, Irzal broke at Australs, UADC and WUPID and was the Chief Adjudicator at the recent IIU Open 2010. He is currently the Head Trainer of the IIUM Debate Club.

Mr. Azrul Izzam is another esteemed alumnus of the IIUM. Azrul was the DCA for AUDC 2009, breaking judge at Asian BPs 2009 and has been ratified as the DCA for the United Asian Debating Championships 2011. He has also been the DCA for several Malaysian tournaments. As a debater, Azrul was a WUDC ESL quarter- finalist, UADC semi- finalist and champion and top speaker of several Malaysian tournaments.

Mr. Iqbal Hafiedz is a debating goliath in the Asian circuit. Slated to become the Chief Adjudicator for WUPID 2010, Hafiedz is famous for his swashbuckling debate style that clinched him the Top Speaker accolade in the All- Asians 2006. Hafiedz is currently the CEO of the Malaysian Institute for Debate and Public Speaking (MIDP).

Miss Danielle De Castro completes this illustrious list with a debate career that is second to none. Dani was the DCA at the recent Intramuros IV, and is the reigning Asian Champion. She is also the reigning National Champion of the Philippines. She has also been consistently ranked as one of the Top 10 speakers in Asia.


8th October 2010 (Preliminary Rounds)

6:00pm Registration

7:15pm Briefing for Debaters and Adjudicators

7:45pm Release of motion for Round 1, Preparation starts

8:00pm Prelim Round 1

10:00pm  End of Day 1

9th October 2010 (Preliminary Rounds)

9:00am Roll Call

9:30am Release of motion for Round 2, Preparation starts

9:45am Prelim Round 2

11:45am Lunch

1:00pm  Release of motion for Round 3, Preparation starts

1:15pm Prelim Round 3

3:15pm  Release of motion for Round 4, Preparation starts

3:30pm  Prelim Round 4

5:30pm Break (food not provided)

6:00pm Release of motion for Round 5, Preparation starts

6:15pm Prelim Round 5 (Silent Round)

8:15pm  Dinner Under the Stars & Break Announcement

11:00pm End of Day 2

10th October 2010 (Break Rounds)

10:00am Roll Call

10:30am Release of motions for Quarter Finals, Preparation starts

10:45am Quarter Finals

12:45am Lunch

2:00pm  Release of motions for Semi Finals, Preparation Starts

2:15pm Semi Finals

4:15pm  Release of motions for Grand Finals, Preparation Starts

4:30pm  Grand Finals

6:30pm Prize Giving Ceremony

7:00pm Dinner Under the Stars

9:00pm End of tournament