WUPID’s Very Own Social Responsibility Brand: Intimate Planet

Posted on August 3, 2010


Intimate Planet is our social responsibility theme. It is our commitment to do good things to each other and the overall community. From the way we run our business to being involved in communities. It’s about doing things the way we always have. And it’s using WUPID for an immediate good. And because you support WUPID, Intimate Planet is what you are a part of too.

From the entire sponsorship amount gathered for WUPID, 20 percent is allocated for us to forward the ideals of Intimate Planet. The organizing company is also looking at means of reducing the operational cost of WUPID by 40 percent in year 2011, which would then channel the funds to Intimate Planet.

Intimate Planet hopes that this initiative would not only give back to the various communities involved but would also cultivate a culture of giving back among WUPID alumni members. We hope that when the day comes, when WUPID citizens are placed in decision-making positions, they will carry with them values that are similar to the values of Intimate Planet.

For more information about Intimate Planet or interested to be involved, please drop an email to Muhammad Yunus at yunus@hngsc.com or call him at +6 012 311 6542.