Report: Auckland Australs 2010

Posted on July 13, 2010


Full results and information about Australs 2010 at the University of Auckland follows.

2010 Australasian Intervarsity Debating Champions: Victoria University of Wellington 1 (Udayan Mukherjee, Stephen Whittington, Ella Edginton)

Runners-Up: University of Auckland 2 (Stephanie Thompson, Akif Malik, Katherine Errington)

Grand Final Topic: “That the International Criminal Court should allow for the prosecution of crimes against the earth”

Martin Sorensen Cup for Best Speaker: Victor Finkel (Monash University 1)

Jock Faneslow Cup for Best Speaker in the Grand Final: Stephen Whittington

The Top 10 Speakers:

1. Victor Finkel (Monash University 1)

2. Stephen Whittington (Victoria University of Wellington 1)

3. Kiran Iyer (Monash University 1)

4 = Eleanor Jones (University of Sydney Union 2)

4 = Kristen Price (University of Queensland 1)

6. Chris Bisset (Monash University 2)

7 = Naomi Hart (University of Sydney Union 1)

7 = Seb Templeton (Victoria University of Wellington 2)

9. Stephanie d’Souza (University of Melbourne 1)

10. Katherine Connolly (University of Sydney Union 1)

Grand Final Adjudicators:

Christopher Croke (University of Sydney Union) (DCA) (Chair)

Tim Jeffrie (Monash University) (DCA)

Sharmila Parmanand (Ateneo de Manila) (DCA)

Amit Golder (Monash University)

Lucinda David (De La Salle University)

Steve Hind (University of Sydney Union)

Suthen Thomas (Multimedia University)

William Chisholm (University of Otago)

Meredith Prior (Monash University)

Defeated Semi-Finalists: Victoria University of Wellington 2 (Seb Templeton, Richard D’Ath, Paul Smith) and University of Melbourne 1 (Phil Barker, Seamus Coleman, Stephanie D’Souza)

2010 Australasian Intervasrsity Debating Champions – ESL DIVISION: Korea University 1 (Seth Kang, Claire Minyoung Kim, Junbin Yun)

ESL Runner-up: Multimedia University of Melaka 1 (Alexander Loh, Diane Maretelle, Tlotlo Galiemelwe)

ESL Grand Final Topic: “That emigrants should pay an ‘exit tax’ when they change their citizenship”

The Top 5 ESL Speakers:

1 = Meor Azalan (International Islamic University 1)

1 = Khalidah Nazihah (International Islamic University 1)

3. Seth Kang (Korea University 1)

4. Claire Minyoung Kim (Korea University 1)

5. Tan Sue Vern (KDU 1)

ESL Grand Final Adjudicators:

Christopher Bishop (Victoria University of Wellington) (CA) (Chair)

Lucinda David (De la Salle University)

Loke Wing Fatt (Independent)

Bronte Lambourne (University of Sydney Union)

Sam Thorpe (Australian National University)

Irzal Kamal (Universiti Teknologi Mara)

Duncan Campbell (University of Sydney Union)

Adjudication team:

Chief Adjudicator: Christopher Bishop (Victoria University of Wellington)

Deputy Chief Adjudicator: Christopher Croke (University of Sydney Union)

Deputy Chief Adjudicator: Sharmila Parmanand (Ateneo de Manila)

Deputy Chief Adjudicator: Tim Jeffrie (Monash University)

Tab Director: Qi-Shan Lim (University of Auckland)


Round 1: Religion

That we should prevent parents from raising their children in a particular religious faith

That governments should refuse to recognise Scientology as a religion

That it should be a crime to insult religions

Round 2: Sport

That we should ban the international trade in sportspeople under the age of 18

That we should ban the private ownership of professional sporting clubs

That all countries competing in the Olympics should have to include male and female athletes

Round 3: Australia (and New Zealand)

That New Zealand and Australia should remove the Fiji Government by force

That New Zealand and Australia should place no restrictions migrants from Pacific countries, other than those relating to health and security

That we support granting land rights to indigenous peoples as a means of redressing historical injustice

Round 4: Families

That infidelity should be a factor in the financial resolution of divorce

That senior citizens should be financially supported (when required) by their adult children

That courts should refuse to recognise pre-nuptial agreements

Round 5: Asia

That the US should not sell arms to Taiwan

That China should abolish the ‘one child’ policy

That the Philippines should have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission into the crimes of the Arroyo administration instead of criminal trials

Round 6: Liberty, Freedom and Choice

That we should prohibit the labelling of products as ‘fair trade’

That we should prohibit discrimination in the labour market on the basis of physical attractiveness

That we should end all government funding for health, education, and police measures that aim to prevent suicide

Round 7: La Vieille Europe

That the US should withdraw its military bases from Europe

That we should say, au revoir, tot ziens, and, finally, partition Belgium

That Turkish admission to the EU should be contingent upon a full recognition of the Armenian genocide

Round 8: The Law

That all defendants and victims in sexual assault trials should have their identity protected until a verdict is reached

That socially progressive movements should use the courts to advance social change

That we should prohibit private prisons

Octo-finals: Learning

That we should ban homeschooling

That we support the use of school vouchers

That we should link funding of schools to performance in standardised exams

Quarter-finals: Democracy

That we should ban professional political lobbyists

That the leaders of parliamentary parties should be chosen by party members rather than their parliamentary colleagues

That individuals should be able to sell their vote

ESL Semi-finals: Health

That we should stop the search for the ‘gay gene’

That we should abolish private health insurance

That we should ban non-essential cosmetic surgery

Semi-finals: Tax and Equality

That there should be a constitutional limit on the regressiveness of the tax system

That income tax levels should be determined by the relative privilege of an individual’s upbringing

That we should use the tax system to subsidise the ownership of major businesses by members of disadvantaged social minorities

ESL Grand Final: Immigration

That we should auction the right to immigrate

That emigrants should pay an ‘exit tax’ when they change their citizenship

That ASEAN should allow free and open movement of labour within its borders

Grand Final

That the West should immediately withdraw from Afghanistan

That the right to a minimum standard of living should be legally enforceable in developed countries

That the International Criminal Court should allow for the prosecution of ‘crimes against the earth’