Report: 3rd UniKL President’s Cup

Posted on July 5, 2010


Date: 29 June – 01 July, 2010
Host: Universiti Kuala Lumpur Royal College of Medicine Perak (UniKL RCMP), Ipoh

Champion: RCMP 2
Runner-up: KMKN 1
Overall Top Speaker: Muhammad Osama Mahfooz (MIAT 1)


Round 1: Health

THW allow advertising for abortion clinics
THW grant terminally ill patients the right to use experimental drugs
THBT airlines that charges a second seat for obese passengers are guilty of discrimination

Round 2: Muslims

THW separate Muslim prisoners from the rest
THBT the ban on the face veil is a mistake
TH supports the construction of a mosque on Ground Zero

Round 3: Humour

THW immediately shoot their love ones once their love ones are bitten by a zombie
THW equally prosecute twin B if the conjoined twin A is guilty of a crime
THW make Greece a charity

Round 4: Technology

TH should be fostering a culture of science and technology, not fantasy
THBT FIFA should no longer embrace human error are apply technology within their refereeing
TH supports electronic tagging for paedophiles

Quarter Finals: The Real Axis of Evil

THBT Gaza’s blockade does not make Israel any safer
THW make Britian pay for America’s worst environmental disaster
THBT the American foreign policy on Israel is a threat to its own national security

Semi Finals: Malaysia

THW abolish all subsidies in Malaysia
TH should include the teaching of safe sex in sex education
THBT foreign labourers should be represented by a union


THW allow sports betting in Malaysia

Full Ranking

2 MIAT 1
3 BMI 2
4 MIIT 2
5 RCMP 2
6 KMKN 1
7 KMKN 2
8 RCMP 1
9 MIAT 2
10 MIMET 1
11 BMI 1
12 IPROM 1
13 MFI 1
14 MICET 2
15 MIIT 1
16 MIMET 2
17 MITEC 1
18 MITEC 2

… And congratulations to the next host – UniKL MFI!