1st National Inter High School British Parliamentary Debate 2010

Posted on June 15, 2010


Greetings everyone,

So far, despite the school holidays, we have about 40 teams registered for the tournament. If you have checked the invites, the deadline ends this Wednesday. We understand that this is also during the school holidays, therefore will extend the dead line to next Wednesday, on the 23rd of June 2010.

This doesn’t mean that you should send in your registration next Wednesday, for the team cap for the tournament will be enforced if you end up being on the waiting list. =)

The adj core is coming up with a dynamic and constructive manner in which to organize the workshop, which will be held on the 26th of June, next Saturday. Therefore don’t forget to send in the list of people you want to send to the workshop as well.

If any of you can’t get the invites or the files that i have posted up, please feel free to message me (Siron Pereira) your email address on Facebook and i will be sure to get it to you immediately.

The prizes for the tournament has also been finalized.

Champions : RM 2000 + TWO 100% Scholarships for any Pre-University Courses at KDU College

Runner Up : RM 1000 + TWO 75% Scholarships for any Pre-University Courses at KDU College

See you guys soon!

Siron Pereira


The KDU Debate Association (KDUDA) is proud to organize the first ever Debate Championship for High Schools that features the British Parliamentary Format.

In line with great debate tournaments hosted for High Schools such as the IIUM Inter School as well as the KDU Dato’ C Q Teo Debate Challenge, we are taking a step further by hosting this tournament in BP. Among the responses were “This is history”- Anonymous, “This is going to be phucking tough”- Anonymous, “You have my support”- Bro Latiff (IIUM).

We know its going to be a challenge, but with your support this is going to be legen……… DARY!. LOL

The idea of BP for high schools is not entirely strange, in fact, in previous years, there have been a relatively high number of high school teams taking part in Open debates such as the Gombak Open Debate (GOD) and the Great Serdang Debate (GSD).

The team cap for this tournament is set at 100 teams.

Team limit from schools will be 2 teams and 1 on standby. (in the event that the cap doesn’t fill up)

The A-Team will include : – Julius Yee (KDU), Danial Abdul Rahman(IIU), Hasif Murad(Monash) and Tharishni Arumugam (UM).

Registration for teams will begin on the 24th of May 2010.

Registration fee is set at RM120 per team (2 debaters no reserve) without accommodation.

If you have inquiries, you may post them up at the event wall. See you guys there!

P.S – There will be a WORKSHOP conducted by the adjudication core and all are invited for this, participants, non-participants, teachers, etc. Workshop will be followed by an exhibition debate. Tickets are priced at RM5 per person. =) It will be on the 26th of JUNE 2010 at KDU College, Damansara Jaya.