From The Contorted Head Of A Remarkably Sane Debater: Let’s Do The Tribal Dance!

Posted on June 7, 2010


From Areej’s FB Note
June 07, 2010
Areej T. Fuad


A Hot Summer Tribal Allegory:

When the adju core of UKM IV approached us Serdang Royals one fine auspicious morning before the breaking rounds started, I sensed bad news. Well I was right; the boys did not break, there was a technical error during the tabbing process. How humiliating! And so, us poor feeble souls marched our way out through the sulking rain and carried our luggage of bitter frustration. We were heart-broken as UKM IV was the first tourney of the summer that our little teeming hopes grasped on. Breaking was vital. Making a mark was vital. We came to a realization that things do happen for some reason and sadly, they can be inevitable. Luqman,however, made our day brighter as he got himself all the way to the finals-as a panelist that is. Way to go, you sexy boy!

Enduring the pain was excruciating but alleviating it was exciting. A few days off from debating was an experience of sheer bliss, full of incontrovertibly uninterrupted , joyful ,therapeutic and time-wasting activities . My true meaning of joy is- to my utmost delight- when one stays at home and does absolutely nothing of any significance. Doing some trivial mundane things can boost your self-confidence; it’s tranquility adding to harmlessly extreme pleasure of nothingness that give you potent power, just like hibernating. Albeit, they c a n be boring.

It was the following tournament, KDO that made me realize how this post-tournament ritual does not help me -not even for a tad bit. I pretty much screwed up my speeches by not being critically rigorous or smartly analytical. I disappointed myself and worst of all, I disappointed my teammates (yes guys, I know I did). I am truly sorry for my appallingly terrible performance in these tournaments and I know for certain that I shall work harder, better, faster and stronger! Alright, move on.

We did fairly well in the prelims of KDO. We were all entranced and geared-up when both teams broke. After 15 seconds, to our horror, we realized that breaking 4th and 5th would mean that we face each other in the quarterfinals. What luck!

We girls lost to the boys. But I personally think that they’re always the better team anyway so it was a relief that they got to the semis instead of us. The boys exude better confidence than us girls, and debate in a fearless fashion. I can surely say that it’s this padayappa style that some of us still can’t emulate or surpass, or even adopt; it’s just so darn cool! In comparison, PUTRA X looks rather timid when debating with PUTRA Y; just look at Keeren’s machismo engulfed in his enormous figure and you’ll know what I’m talking about. ZOOP ZOOP.

To tell you the truth, our strategy was to participate in KDO and win it since most of the prominent debate teams flocked to UADC at the time. As a matter of fact, KDO was our sole hope on parading the first place trophy. And why would winning be so desperately wanted you wonder? That was because the DVC of student affairs decreed that without a win, funding to Australs would be a distant story. We afflicted ourselves with the threat anyway. Alas, a thousand times alas, the boys lost to SMARTer boys in the finals. Sigh. I couldn’t accept the defeat. Just like any loser, I collected shattered pieces of already-wounded hope and restrained myself from making any sharp retort as I raged out of the event hall. I was indignant. I reacted to defeat just as how Kanye West stormed on the VMA’s stage and ‘dissed’ Taylor’s Swift and how Hillary Clinton was still campaigning after the election; farcical and scornful. Anyhow, I enjoyed the tournament as the organizing committee never failed to enchant us with their kind hospitality. Thank you, Paul. The brighter side of the story was that we didn’t come home empty-handed; Sabrina won herself a second place trophy in the public speaking competition as well as a Business hard-cover. You deserve it babe.

One week off from debate-


No, I did not waste any of my precious God-given time to procrastinate or discover the gusto of some misleading debauchery .Certainly, after some debate debacle, you wouldn’t want to stay a loser forever. You feelin’ me? So I basically studied. A little bit. Well,I read a few articles. One was on Greece, a few on Pakistani politics and I’m sure I googled COP15 during the flustering post-debate transition.

So what did I get after all the *cough* hard work *cough* ?

Just a little something to be proud of 🙂

Making our way to Arau was far more fun than I thought it would be. It was a long 8-hour journey but we still managed to entertain ourselves- and this was when we discovered our relish for Tai Ti. We are still very much addicted to the game you see. I suppose boredom can really congeal your interest in anything at all.

Registration followed upon our arrival and then we devoured some food. The accommodation provided was satisfactory indeed- it was spacious! Nestling in, we were later greeted with surprise when Anis, who was the only one who went to the event briefing, broke the news that role call was at 8:30 a.m! And the bus that would take us to the debate venue was scheduled to leave around 7:00 a.m! Lol, young adults these days are aptly nocturnal anyway, so the likelihood of bemoaning early ‘calls’ as such is completely normal. Trust me, it’s prevalent.

PUTRA X, consisting of myself, Sabrina and Nazirah made a rather barbaric war cry during the roll call. But we didn’t care. We just enjoyed our moment and did our tribal ritual right ’till the end. But it was that carefree spirit that really drove these zealous lunatics to do their best. And it paid off. After winning three rounds, I responded to fate with shrieks of orgasmic delight,” Our luck has turned!”. Never had we ever won three rounds in a row before! We eventually got ourselves on top of the team ranking. But the boys didn’t do badly either; they should have won four rounds from what I heard but to make life simpler, yes, they won three rounds. But irony struck us like how lightning would strike the brain as according to Karnesh in his oh-so-funny public speaking speech, we experienced brainstorm; since we broke both first and last, we had to go against each other. Potong steam betul.

The quarterfinals we had was a mortifying fiasco! I can still remember how bad I was simply because I couldn’t overcome my nervousness. It was the worst speech in the history of worst speech, ever! I still can’t fathom why we all performed poorly. I still am baffled, confounded and aghast. Honestly, we pulled the debate down. Oh dear. It was below average in my opinion. But the boys were alright. They were better because we girls came out with a bad case. Truth to be told; we didn’t agree on the same case approach, hence making it vulnerable throughout the debate. I still feel embarrassed. I don’t think I can face any of those judges -except for Jenny.

The boys made it to the semifinals after whipping us out in the quarters. But I am proud to say that they lost to the champions! To soothe it out, Daniel made us proud when he swept off the first runner-up place in the public speaking category. Abg Keekee was fifth in the overall speakers’ ranking- albeit I was just as deserving, congratulations sugar! And the rest is history.

I ardently worked on improving team dynamism as it is the true essence of team-work. I hope Nazirah, Sabrina and I will procure some serious lessons from all these tourneys and reform a better strategy next time we debate.

A message for all Royals: I heart you guys to bits and I am really proud of our progress. I am sure that victory shall someday be ours! If we do more researching that is. May the best ones represent us in Australs. And the remains can just send them off and weep eh. But heck, we’ll just have to soak it in alright!

Let’s do the tribal dance all the way to the finals, folks! AI AI AIIIIII!

Areej Taufik Fuad is utterly sane at the moment