WUPID Appreciation Dinner

Posted on May 27, 2010


L to R: Prof. Dr. Fauzi Ramlan (Deputy Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs and Alumni, UPM), Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah (Deputy Minister, Ministry of Higher Education) and Dr. Omar Salahuddin (Chief Adjudicator, WUPID)

Written by Keeren S. Rajoo
PUTRA Debater
May 27, 2010

Gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation are emotions that an individual bestows on someone for the acknowledgement of a benefit that one has received.  This behaviour is also important as it may also serve to reinforce future prosaically behaviour in benefactors. Appreciation may come in various forms: in a few words, a token or a gift , or in the form of a salmon dinner.

We all surely remember how we were eagerly anticipating WUPID 09, just like how we are now waiting at the edge of our seats for WUPID 10. WUPID 09 came and passed by, leaving us a lifetime of, in the words of Russel Peters, `mind-blasted` memories. To successfully organise such a prestigious event, is no easy feat. It was through the joint effort, support and commitment of many that WUPID 09 could be held faultlessly. Contributions, that H&G truly appreciate and were eager to show it. And that’s exactly what they did, when they organised an esteemed appreciation dinner at Shangri-La Hotel just for those who made WUPID happen.

The event was made even more notable as Dato Saifuddin Abdullah, the man behind WUPID, was also present for the dinner. In his short but moving speech, he mentioned how he believed debating was crucial in elevating the communicative skills of Malaysians, especially the undergraduates. It was with his support that WUPID 09 was made possible, especially during the economic meltdown. He promised support for the many, many more WUPIDs that are yet to come, a gesture that not only the `big bosses` of H&G appreciate but also all the  `respectable` debaters from around the globe. Well, WUPID had always been the Champions League of the debating world, a tournament that all debaters were looking forward to participate in. And for those who were not `eligible` to participate, the option of observing it was just as great, very much similar to what Javier Zanetti will experience in this year’s World Cup.

The `maha-guru` of debate, Dr. Omar also attended the dinner, being the CA of WUPID since 2007. H&G thanked him and the adjudication panel which he led, for their contributions. Their contributions were indeed important – world-class adjudicators for world class debaters.

On a personal note, i would like to thank H&G for the marvellous salmon dinner. It had been a really long time since i ate something pink. I truly hope that all those who contributed for the previous WUPID would once again be able to do so for the coming WUPID. I have learnt from experience that once you are with WUPID, you will always be part of the ever growing WUPID family.