Fundraising Guide For Your Trip To WUPID

Posted on May 18, 2010


Now that the Thomas Cup is over, and Malaysia has predictably lost again, it is time for something a bit more important – WUPID.

As we all know, talks about traveling to WUPID has been a very tricky and burdening subject, especially ever since the global economic meltdown. Last year, we had a reduced number of teams form Europe and North America. And the economic situation doesn’t seem to be getting any better for this two regions either. In Europe for instance, the currency is weakening against the Ringgit, the Greeks are swimming in a puddle of a huge debt-crap and the EU has just pooled an emergency fund amounting to one-trillion Euros to bailout Greece. Apparently, the only bunch of people that are making sinful amounts of money are football players and porn-stars. Unless your hobby is looking at pornography on the internet, you probably won’t be able to make anything out of that. But don’t despair – I don’t either … it’s economics!

So, lets think about it for a moment. Does this mean that the majority of European holiday-makers will be trapped in Europe? Does this also mean that European holiday-makers are never coming to Malaysia any time soon?

Indeed this would generally spell trouble for WUPID. But we’ve decided to take pro-active measures and help our invited institutions with making their way to the tournament with a fundraising guide or tip. To read the WUPID fundraising guide, simply click here.

Good luck and if you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at