Results: Ateneo IV 2010

Posted on May 10, 2010


Thanks to all the debaters and adjudicators who participated in this year’s Ateneo IV. Here are the results:

Champions: UPD-A (Anna Arcellana, Aaron Chan, Pearl Simbulam)
Runners-Up: ADMU-A (Miko Biscocho, Steph Co, Ely Zosa)
Final Motion: THW abolish single-sex schools

Top Ten Speakers:

1. Miko Biscocho (ADMU)
2. Steph Co (ADMU)
3. Ely Zosa (ADMU)
4. Neha Prakash (NUS)
5. Ang Wee Jian (NUS)
6. Ces Gotamco (ADMU)
Tasneem Elias (ADMU)
Aaron Chan (UPD)
9. Wen-Yu Weng (Mahidol)
10. Khalidah Nazihah (IIU A)
Jayson Maulit (MaNila)
Jesus Falcis (2 1/2 men)
Kayleen Ortiz (UST A)


Round 1: State Funding
THBT governments should never fund sports
THBT states should not fund the reconstruction of disaster-prone areas
THBT multicultural democratic states should fund religious schools

Round 2: Feminism
THBT the ban on burqas is a victory for the feminist movement
THBT women’s groups should endorse healthcare reform even without abortion funding
THW require exclusively female judges for rape trials

Round 3 : Company stuff
THBT The CEO of Toyota should be held criminally liable for Toyota’s fuck ups
THBT Companies have the unlimited right to contribute to political candidates
THBT The board of directors of companies should consist of at least 1/3rd female members

Round 4 : Violence and More Violence
THW assassinate the pope
THW execute parents who abuse their children
THW legalize duels to the death

Round 5 : Asia’s so Hot right now, So hot
THS extra-judicial killings of Taliban leaders in Pakistan / Afghanistan / wherever they are
THBT South Korea should get nuclear weapons
Ahibisit should’ve cracked down Red Shirt protestors

Octos : Sexy Money a.k.a Marxist Motions
THW Abolish the WTO
THS a 100% tax on inheritance
THBT the state should pay parents to stay at home

Quarters : Earth Stuff
THBT the Environmental movement should support GM foods
THBT Governments should provide financial incentives to become vegetarian
THBT we should prohibit commercial farming for the sake of the environment

Semis : Minorities
THBT 1st generation immigrants should have the right to vote in elections in their country of origin
THW not segregate disabled students in schools
THW ban racist parties

Final : Education
THW Abolish public schools
THBT Catholic schools should formally recognize all LGBT student organizations
THW Abolish single-sex education

Thanks once more to the adj core, Sharmila, TJ and Logan, for the fantastic motions and adjudication this tournament. Attached are the team and speaker tabs. See you all in a couple of days in Bangkok!

Vincenzo Giorgio E. Tagle
AB Economics Honors ’10 | Ateneo de Manila University
Ateneo IV 2010 Convener
mobile: +639178538209