Bangkok Sure Looks Safe With Those Amateur Protesters

Posted on April 30, 2010


Disclaimer: This letter is from the organizers. The Debating News is not responsible for any circumstances related to the UADC. Having said so, we wish you the very best at the Championship and pray for your safety throughout.


Updates On Security Concerns – UADC

Dear All,

This email mainly concerns the questions that has been raised in accordance to the current situation In Thailand.

The tournament venue remains unaffected by the on going clashes that has occurred recently. The org com has taken all necessary precautions for your safety. Out of 8 days of debating, first 2 days all the events will be held at the hotel, which is located in the residential area, will remain unaffected by the clashes. The next three days we would be traveling to and fro from Chaleena to Suvarnabhumi campus, thru a single highway, which also does not pass any clash sites. The quarter finals, semi-finals, finals and social events will all be held at the hotel. We would also be providing transportation on 12th and 19th May to book your transportation please book your buses at http://www.uadc2010 t.html

We have two big malls near the hotel, which are safe to visit and are also unaffected by the current riots.

We would be posting the current pictures of the sites you would be in i.e. Hotel, Assumption Campus, Malls around the area. More updates will be posted by Saturday.

Our School has released a letter reassuring your safety. http://www.uadc2010 Assurance- Letter-From- AU.jpg

For any additional queries please feel free to contact us.

Aishwarya Nair and Karnnada Senarak
UADC 2010