WUPID School Debate Camp: What Do You Do With The Children?

Posted on April 29, 2010


It’s half-term this coming June for many school kids around the country, and I’m wondering what you’re all doing with your children! Holiday time can be a little hard on working and non-working parents alike, even if we enjoy spending time with our kids (not like I would really know).

But before I launch into that, I do want to say that I very much enjoy having children around (LOL). Most of you parents must be delighted not to have to rush off first thing in the morning – and to after-school activities later on – and find yourself more relaxed because of this. However, that’s not to say it’s all easy-going. Having the kids off school brings its own stresses.

To generalise, both my friends who do work and those who don’t tend to find school holidays rather long and stretchy. Those who don’t work tell me that while they are happy to see their delightful offspring each morning and afternoon, a week or so of full days can become rather wearing. Many call upon the grandparents to help.

Those same grandparents are often being called upon by the parents who do work too. They’re needed to fill in the childcare gaps. But bringing in your parents from the ‘kampung’ or hometown does not really give an opportunity for your kids to learn anything outside the skills that they teach them in schools. I’m interested, what do you do? Especially if you don’t have friends and family nearby to help.

It’s not always possible to take holiday yourself – I know, I took a day off yesterday for the family, and I already can’t manage the entire week. My recommended solution is below:

For more info: https://thedebatingnews.wordpress.com/products-services/school-debate-workshop/

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