Can You Smell The SNOT?

Posted on April 27, 2010


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Just because you’re gonna get SNOT-faced, doesn’t mean you’d have to wear a gimp mask.

Not here at least.

Serdang has hosted many a historic tournament, i.e. WUPID and GSD. Come June, Serdang shall see the birth of another tournament: The Serdang National Open Tournament, codenamed SNOT. We would especially like to welcome teams from corporate companies; participation by schools are by invitation only. Here are the details:


18- 21 June 2010

Weapon of choice:



UPM Serdang

Blood money:

Corporate teams: RM300 per head
Universities/Schools : RM100 per head

This tournament practices the n=1 rule, which means that each team must be complemented by one adjudicator. Also, you may help us maintain the level of adjudication by sending your more experienced members as adjudicators.