Debaters On The Road: Jom Pi Penang!

Posted on April 20, 2010


From Areej’s FB Note
April 17, 2010
Areej T. Fuad


I, Areej Taufik Fuad am taking this golden opportunity to thank my dearest Khairunnisa Dottie Khairuddin for without her determination and endless efforts, we would never have gone to Penang and have a friendly debate match with the UiTM Penang debaters. It was indeed a great experience for us all – when you get to rent a karaoke room at a very cheap rate anything is great really. I would also like to express deepest gratitude to Sabrina Zaini for working on the proposal which was indisputably the ticket to our trip. All in all, we were glad to have made the trip and I’m sorry it took ages for me to post this write-up.

It was one Friday night that three of the Serdang Royals (including myself) emancipated themselves from the hustle and bustle of university life -I just like to put it that way. We set off to Penang with the hope to share and gain the potent power of knowledge mas well as give, if not a piece, three pieces of our debate cake. Luqman Ariff and Fatimah Azzahra both joined me for the delightful and unforgettable debate session in UiTM Penang .We endured a long bottom-numbing-eight-hour journey to the Northern part of Malaysia. Of course during the long journey I had a good sleep- thanks to Luqman’s sleeping bag. But in my sleep, an unsettling and restless thought occurred; the driver was probably in an attempt to sell our organs in Sungai Golok. Luckily, my dark and morbid fantasy never came true; we arrived in the best condition.

At 5 in the morning we checked in at a hotel which was five minutes away from UiTM Penang. And so with a full-blast air-conditioner we dozed off like newborn babies. The two lovebirds (you know who you are) arrived at the hotel and got us back on our feet to start off the event. Upon our arrival in UiTM Penang, we were given a warm greeting by the oh-so-awesome char kuay teow. It’s a dish best made in Penang-hidup Penang!

We started the first debate a while later with the motion :THW Teach Sex Education in National Service. Being the proposing team, the UiTM Penang debaters pressed on the maturity of teenagers during post-school life. They advocated that students at that time are able to comprehend more on sex education-that is to know the consequences well and are able to practice abstinence- and henceforth they are not likely to indulge in casual sex-but that doesn’t solve anything. As the antagonizing and annoying opposition, the Serdang Royals questioned on the validity of the government’s case. We felt like the real problem wasn’t tackled or discussed by the proposition. The inherent problem which needs immediate action, to us, is the fact that school kids keep getting themselves tangled with unwanted pregnancies and worse, abortion. We also argued that National Service is not the right avenue for sex education where the objectives of National Service don’t meet with the qualities of sex education. We looked at it as a problem-solution mismatch. And as the debate ended, the spotlight was of course on Unos. He gave us some useful comments- comments that would slap us in the face that is. We were told that the problem identified should have been said in the first substantial speech of the team, LO’s speech to be precise.

Nonetheless, the show went on. We endured another debate with the motion: THBT The Court Should Stay Away From The Allah Issue . As the proposition, our case ridiculed the legitimacy of the court and proposed that a mediator is unnecessary as leaders of the respective religions can form a treaty and solve the matter on their own . The UiTM debaters ,as the opposition, argued that different school of thoughts may hamper the fostering process during the treaty. They stood firmly with the fact that the court is supreme and legitimate in resolving the matter and that these ‘ people of law’ can actually gain adequate Islamic and Catholic knowledge. We said,” hell no”. We engaged to their arguments by saying the people of the court do not have the knowledge to address the matter. Besides, how can a lawyer, who has no affiliations/background in these religions, settle the tiff? Okay, a tiff is not the right word if a Protestant church is burned to ashes and a pig head was flung at a mosque’s door. But let’s just say its an euphemism for RIOT. We argued that the people affiliated with these religions only look up to their religious leaders, hence making the court look like an insignificant mediator-I mean, how can they possibly bow to people who will be the first to greet hell? The debate was-just as how Unos would put it- tranquilizing.

We ended the session with a delightful pack of nasi campur – food is always comforting after rounds of debates folks. With a tummy so full, the Serdang Royals later went gallivanting, seeking for some fun . Of course we had to drag the lovebirds along- or was it the other way around?

We had loads of fun in Penang and surely, we are craving for more 😉