The Adjudication Hall Of Fame: Room Of Forgotten Skills

Posted on April 14, 2010


From Omar’s FB Note
April 14, 2010
Dr. Omar Salahuddin Abdullah


A short while ago, probably still labouring under the naïve idea that something might happen to redress the iniquitous state that debate adjudication is in – and a recovery in aspects other than mere Matter-related ones might occur (Some hopes. I have more chance of experiencing spontaneous human combustion while exercising in the pool) (and we don’t even have a pool…), I penned a note in an effort at catharsis, still seething at some of the unremarkable adjudication that Dengkil Institute for the Terminally Insane’s debate squad had experienced during the MDO.

The effort was not in vain. I have managed to moderate ‘seething’ to ‘relatively unsettled’ and my psychiatric nurse has been able to reduce my medication, at least to the point where I am able to take other solid food now.

There was a surprising amount of feedback, actually. Some of it appended to the note on my Facebook page, some of it received via e-mail and even some that appeared on my phone: very terse comments in the case of the latter. What was surprising was that almost all those respondents that have amassed a reasonable length of adjudication experience seemed to agree with me; and I am not that familiar with finding others in agreement with the things that I say. Which prompted me to ask myself the question: ‘If everyone agrees, then how ever did debate adjudication get into the mess that it’s in right now?’

Fortunately, I would have been even more surprised if one of my other internalised doppelgangers had answered the question (Besides, my multiple personalities were far too busy playing ‘Hide the sausage’ beneath a temporal lobe and giggling a lot), but it got me thinking again – and I came up with another question: ‘If asked, what would I detail as being the things that the current flock of adjudicators no longer seem to take into account in their blinkered approach to assessing debating?’ After all, if one is critical, you should be able to put your mouth where the money is and mean it from the heart of your bottom – or something like that.

It wasn’t too hard to tell you the truth. I just thought of all the stuff that nobody seems to comment on anymore and started from there, then I started to seethe again, so here goes ‘cathartic effort #2’.

In no particular order (which probably means that there is a definitive order to what follows, it’s just that the trauma that has caused these deep-seated scars to form has been somewhat mollified by drugs, to say nothing of the medical applications of large quantities of alcohol – and besides which, I wrote them down as they occurred in my befuddled little mind and then couldn’t be bothered to cut and paste them into a different order. Suck it up!).

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