UPM Vice Chancellor’s Cup Public Speaking Tournament: Ain Aissa Forced To Settle For Second

Posted on April 13, 2010


Ain Aissa’s quest to win her second major public speaking championship came to nothing on the back of some brilliant speech from Mohd. Syafiq a.k.a Stifler in the final round of the UPM Vice Chancellor’s Cup Public Speaking Tournament last Sunday night.

Ain had started the tournament with one foot ahead of Syafiq at the qualifying stages, but was way behind coming to the final and needed a dramatic turnaround from a question from Sim Kuan Yew (a partcipant from UPM) to have any chance of realizing her dream and preventing the rapper from the champion’s trophy. It was not to be. But Stifler’s answer was equally as good as his speech before.

Others who could not be counted out, however, were Khalidah Nazihah, of International Islamic University, Malaysia; and the UPM duo, Sim Kuan Yew and Sabrina Zaini. And where was Areej, the brightest and most aggressive of the young UPM speakers? All three came strongly to the fore at one point during the tournament, but in the end the UiTM speakers put their act in play and pulled away with the overall championship trophy.

When Syafiq chose to take on one of the riskiest approach of his life, people held their heads in despair. But what did they know? This was a man on a mission and the AF looking stage was about to witness was one of the greatest speech cum rap in history, the speech of a champion, a speech that was about to be heard around the world and change the outcome for thousands of unemployed graduates.

Results (Final Senior Category):

  1. Mohd. Syafiq (Stifler) – UiTM
  2. Ain Aissa – UiTM
  3. Khalidah Nazihah – IIUM
  4. Sabrina Zaini – UPM
  5. Sim Kuan Yew – UPM

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