Results: London Australs 2010

Posted on April 6, 2010



The results from London Australs held on March 27th -28th are as follows:

The open break winners were The Sugababes (Alex Worsnip, Alex Just and Lewis Iwu) who negated the motion: ‘That gendered categories in artistic awards (e.g. the Oscars) should be abolished’ against Public Order Offence (Tom Hosking, Daniel Warents and Sam Block).

The ESL break winners were Yugoslavia A (Filip Dobranic, Manos Moschopoulos and Milan Vignjevic) who negated the motion ‘That governments should subsidise failing newspapers’ against ESL FTW (Ali al Khatib, Rob Honig and Lars Duursma).

Alex Just topped the speaker tab and Simone van Elk was the top ESL speaker. Congratulations to them all.

To access the team and speaker tabs, just click on the links below:

London Australs – Team Tab

London Australs – Speaker Tab


Round 1: Social Policy

* That public housing assistance should only be given in the form of rental vouchers.
* That welfare payments should be contingent on passing drug tests.
* That we should adopt a school voucher system.

Round 2: Australasia

* That the moratorium on commercial whaling should be lifted.
* That ASEAN nations should sanction Burma.
* That governments should grant land rights to redress disadvantages suffered by indigenous people.

Round 3: Sex

* That we should criminalize demand but not supply of paid sexual services.
* That polygamy should be legalised.
* That male circumcision should be illegal.

Round 4: International Relations

* That the US should pull out of its military alliance with Israel.
* That the ICC should only indict criminals at the conclusion of conflicts.
* That the African Union should use military force against its member states to remove military leaders who take power by coup d’etat.

Round 5: The Market

* That we should ban private ownership of professional sporting clubs.
* That we should create a free market for selling babies.
* That executives whose companies’ actions cause death should be subject to criminal  charges.

Semis and ESL Final: Media

* That we should introduce a sin tax on tabloid newspapers.
* That governments should subsidise failing newspapers.
* That the media should overturn its self-imposed ban on reporting suicides.

Open Final: Women

* That gendered categories in artistic awards (e.g. The Oscars) should be abolished.
* That we should criminalise the payment of dowries.
* That the trials of alleged rapists of female victims should only be tried by a female judge and/or female jury.