Heroes Of The Federal Constitution

Posted on March 11, 2010


… whatever the hell that means.

Anyway, I had supper with Sherrie last night (and yes, Akira was there as well) and she mentioned to me this interesting campaign to promote better understanding of our country’s Federal Constitution. Being such a bird brain regarding this subject and the idea of constitutionalism altogether, I decided to do some research on the campaign.

I was expecting an experience very much like being dragged through a museum. But no. I found myself hungry for more knowledge and constitutional wisdom. I can’t wait for the next chapter. Kudos to the people behind this effort. This campaign is certainly a result of dedication and careful thoughts.

I highly recommend anyone, especially fellow Malaysians to make a visit to this campaign’s site. You can visit the site by clicking here. Below is the latest video / chapter:

Maybe we could have a university debate tourney about constitutionalism – just thinking aloud đŸ˜‰