Across The House By Ian Lising … The Art And Science Of Taking Over The Worlds

Posted on February 11, 2010


Ian Lising was previously the Chair of the World Universities Debating Council – an important post, previously held by the likes of Omar Salahuddin, Colm Flynn and so on — for a very long term, until he decided to retire and pass on the Chair to Neil Harvey-Smith. He has now written a very valuable book. A debater and debate coaches bible designed to be as damaging to the normal life to which he used to embrace before becoming a debater in the Philippines – a book that I presume will take you into the addictive community of taking over the World.

Perhaps I would have a proper book review once I’ve really read the book. But as of now, Ian Lising’s credentials, the many friends that surrounds him and the title of the book is sufficient to make any debate bonkers to purchase it. Congratulations and well done, Ian.

Do the right thing. Purchase his book at