The Yawn

Posted on January 21, 2010


The yawn was created by God to show that you’re sleepy and also to help those with inferiority complex to have some kind of response against natural confident winners or even your average dudes. The yawn is simple to do, acts as both attack and defense mechanism with minimum intent. You canot be accused of not doing anything or doing too much with a yawn.

No bully, except Mike Tyson and Hitler, would punch the daylight out of you because you yawned. The yawner also would not be so bullish in declaring that he did so in the face of the bully, evil boss, develish customer, etc. The yawn is just that, an act which is just enough. Enough to say that you know and you’re not particularly enjoying it.

Thus, we should coach yawning to those who are having inferiority complex, lacking in confidence, in an environment surrounded by trolls and orges as resident bullies and those living in North Korea and most parts of Afghanistan. Yawn, a bit, maybe a bit more.It will tell you that you’re still human and would like to be treated as one. Next time you see people yawning, check if they are being bullied or surrounded by bullies, if you can help them, go ahead but if not, yawn a reconition yawn.