The Bangkok Trip

Posted on January 6, 2010


I did as many others went to Bangkok for the first Asian BP at Chula. It was a nice tournament but I would say quite a few went there simply because of Mdm Piyanart, the grand lady of Asian debating.

It was tough to see her playing the pr/advisor role as it rendered her health a wreck. She gave it all and it was mind boggling that she was still standing what more adjudicating in the grand finals.

MMU won it and ILPS (however you spell it) gave a mighty speech which was enough to convince 4 out of the 7 adjudicators. I thought IIU should have won by I wasn’t adjudicating and these adjudicators, I supposed, should know what they were doing.

The biggest thing at Chula was the fact that it was the first time in a debate tournament that there were more qualified adjudicators then they were debaters. Thus it was fun watching the DCA’s juggling the experienced hands, some did it politically, some with respect, some jest and some just plain rude. Congrats to TJ(the CA) anyway, as in the end, most people were happy.

Next year it will be in Malaysia and for the first time, it was won under ‘the Malaysian bid’ or namely myself, Chandran, Omar and Hafidz. It should be fun as if we have lots of sponsor it will be a grand time in good ol KL and if there’s not so much sponsor money pouring in, we’ll still have a grand time in beautiful Langkawi, or is it the other way around.