A League Of Our Own

Posted on January 6, 2010


Do you know Bundesliga? Good.  Serie A? Then what about the La Liga? Well, I bet my first month salary (which has been cut off because I just asked for an advance from the boss) that you would know or at least have heard about English Premier League just like you know or even my less than two-year old niece knows that rain does not go up, it falls down.  Everyone knows about football. Many love football. They not only love watching those men in shorts running around in the field chasing the one and only ball there. I’m talking about the game that could corrupt even the minds of the nerds to be hooligans when it comes to football. Good girls gone bad. The nerds gone hooligans. The football fever is just that crazy that you need prozacs to make you sane again come morning as you are preparing to go to class or to work.

Well, those leagues are in Europe where we can only watch on television and would definitely not even qualified to go for try outs there even for the spot of being the water boy in any of those exclusive big boys clubs of extremely pampered and good-looking men yet great at their game ( I’m a girl; in case you are still wondering on the repetition of ‘men’ here).  But hey! On second thought, we have a league of our own too in our very own town. This time, not only we can go crazy over with but also compete in it. NO, I was NOT referring to the Malaysian Football League (although I was impressed over the junior’s team at the recent Sea Games – kudos boys!).  I was referring to the Malaysian Universities Debate League that is also known as MUDL (pronounced as ‘muddle’).

For more info about this highly competitive league, please visit http://mudl.wordpress.com

It’s time for Malaysian debaters to go wild!