Koc Worlds 2009/10: Sydney Debaters Find Rich Seam Of Form

Posted on January 5, 2010

They conquered WUPID in Kuala Lumpur and went on to conquer the Worlds in Turkey.

The rate the verdict or decision was announced was rather slow but it was a day that was slow for only to those with a slow mind.

Nearly a thousand debaters was defeated and traditionally, only eight made the running for the Grand Finals of the World Universities Debating Championship. The hall may have been historic and the ceiling ancient, but a string of high-class debaters were slaves, not so much to conditions, but to a posse of quick thinking and articulate debaters who have started their Worlds campaign with a spring in their step.

After the success enjoyed by the Sydney debaters in WUPID, this was a couple of days when every round fell to seam, Sydney mopping up Oxford’s and Harvard’s tail finished with memorable performances from the dynamic duo: Steve Hind and Chris Croke.

Arch rival Monash omission at the semi finals may helped, but the suspicion remains that this improvement was more to do with Sydney’s sharply honed competitive instincts rising to the fore again in the wake of the embarrassment of WUPID where the two lads lost the championship that they won in 2007 to Sydney B: Bronwyn Cowell and Tim Mooney. After being rolled out they must have dreamt of many more, they knew they had to scrap, and scrap they did. There was a sense of animal rawness to the day because of it – I saw it in their eyes (LOL).

It was a success generally deserved. Visit World Debate Website for more detailed news and insight of the tournament.

Yunus, reporting to the world from no where near Turkey.