Ideology In Debate

Posted on November 3, 2009


Talk is an interesting concept as it is not ever singular in formation. There are various influential variables that leads to the formation of the text of the talk. They would involve belief, culture, rules,level of education, economic backgroud, etc.

Thus, I would focus on one issue, Idealogy or belief. New debaters will be indoctrinated into the debate society with various show of beliefs, from the debaters talk, to the way they think, to the way they discuss, to whom they would listen to,etc. You can choose to ignore these belief charateristics and choose to do you it your own way but you will be frustrated and isolated. Debaters, happy and gay though most of them would be, religiously follow a set of belief that denotes the way they should act from the thinking, to the production of thoughts in discussion or debate speeches.

Hence, it would be wise for newer debaters to follow the cues and advice of senior members so as not to go against the conventions (hidden or clear) of the community.