The Day I Met Daniel

Posted on October 20, 2009


Well, it was one of those days when you’re pushed to the front to lead or choose a leader for your group. I of course pretended not wanting to lead or nominate an able leader until a few more girls coaxed me into going to the front and be their hero, end the meting and allow them to go back to their lipstics, books and of course the shared pertinent need to have lunch.

I went to the front of the congregation of 118 TESL students and diplomatically got a big bloke, now famous, by the name of Karam (Sinking) Singh. He was certainly huge enough, with a booming voice and with lucnh beckoning ever closer the whole class decided on Karam’s not so good looks but charming personality that he was the leader we need to end the crisis of ending the meeting so that lunch can be sought after soon.

He sensed that lunch was probably the reason of his election too and thus boomingly announced that he will only need 3 to 4 minutes to address al of us and then we could go and do what men and women were delivered this earth to do, eat, buy and use lipstic, read and figure out the next best time to do all of these.

Karam shouted,”Could we all just settle down and sit down please?”. And… Daniel, well then just a bloke to me, stood up with a hideous red shirt and unseen before hair style. He shouted back, “What if I want to stand?”. The crowd hissed, sensing that lunch and lipstick will be delayed further.

Karam, thinking that his authority is being challenged on the first two minutes of being in power was about to answer when Daniel as he would do many times later in his life started eagerly jumping up and down with his backpack and Karam sensing that this monster is from a different timezone inteligently let us go and informed us that some decisons will be discussed later.

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