The Art Of Debating

Posted on October 15, 2009


It was spelled correctly, ‘Art’ not ‘Fart’. Though many debaters now clearly know that manner is given due reward in debates, but have very limited areas improvement oppurtunity. Seniors and coaches would tell them sounding like how to say something (as ‘how’ would relate mostly to manner) but their version of ‘how’ still sounds like ‘what’ most of the time. The teaching of manner oftentimes would be the camourflaging of the teaching of matter.

Hence, newer debaters would have no art whatsoever and could literally be accused of farting out points and argumentation. They would be loud and fast similar to our preffered method in the loo and much to the chagrine of people who are expecting art plus points not farty points when viewing debates. A classic example would be during WUPID 2007 finals where the Irish boys were arty crafty and hence made their matter better. Thus we should have more trainings on manner and those without much inclinations on how to teach manner should NOT be doing it.