The Knee Problem

Posted on October 14, 2009


We can hop, run, hop, side hop and step because we have wonderfuljoints provided by the Allmighty. So, first, be extremely thankful. One of the most important areas of joints is the knee. It is somewhat ugly even with direct comparison to your own or someone else’s bum, the knee would still, in beauty category, ranked extremely low.

However, I love as we all should, these knees of ours. I’ve had a running problem with my right knee for the good (or bad) part of a decade. 2 weeks before the fasting month however, the word ‘problem’ was combined strongly with the word ‘bad’. My right knee could just stop whatever it is suppose to do even when I was sitting down. The faces that I saw in my mind (Bangau, Jabba and Bob) my rugby mates from my beloved Ex Angels Rugby Club, all pushed me to the brink of sheeding a tear or two. The thought of them missing me though I know they would be glad that I won’t be around to impede anymore, was simply unbearable.

Then, as if God sent, while I was fasting in Melaka, some blokes asked me to play football with them. In the spirit of Kolo Toure who was fasting while playing in EPL, I bravely accepted the call of duty. Iplayed and I played well. Knee problem, well… What knee problem? The problem dissapeared. I felt strong and at least 4 weeks younger. Thus, I will not be retiring just yet. My right knee was cured, well or the pain was not as excruciating as before.

This great feeling was the one I presented to my wife who smiled and said,”You always feel good before you play rugby. It’s after that I’m worried about”.

Great feeling slightly deeming but the smirk is still there. I will take them all on, one knee at a time. The painkillers will help.