Do You Want To Be Iced? – UPM ICED League 2009/2010

Posted on August 24, 2009


* ICED stands for Inter-College English Debating.

The latest high profile debating event in Malaysia (after WUPID of course!) is none other than the UPM ICED league. The very reason why this is a high profile debating event is it’s league format which is very much similar to the English Premier League (EPL) – which makes it cool,  provides a weekly competitive debating environment for the participating (which is a good thing for the university debaters), creates a pool of debating talent, and an adjudication system which is derived from philosophies and communication models which are very different from the tradisional debating tournaments around the world – the philosophies behind the engineering of the adjudication system enables anyone to be a judge, even if that person has no experience or exposure in competitive debating whatsoever.

The adjudication system is developed by H & G Strategic Communications whereby the UPM ICED League is used as a platform for a pilot run of the system.

Yesterday morning was the first matchday of the league. The adjudication system seems successful and the entire running of the league was seamless. There were some glitches that was discussed at the post-mortem but nothing huge at all. The motion for the yesterday’s debate was: THW Remove Religion From Identification Cards.  

The debate league is conducted across two semesters – one academic year. The matches are only during the lecture weeks and it does not disturb the weeks where students are going through their studying week or examination week. The debating style used in this tournament is the Asians parliamentary debating style. Ajudication however is rather different and shall be discussed in future blog entries and all debate teams will be debating one motion.

This season, 18 teams are competing in the inaugural league which if successful, will be opened to invited institutions in the following years. Each team consists of 9 debaters where only the first three will be named on the day of the match. To know more about the league, visit the official weblog at

I would like to congratulate the organizing committee from the 16th residential college of UPM for a successful opening matchday. We hope that the league will continue from success to success. Kudos!

If you like to know more about the league scoring, adjudication system and anything else technical about the debate, please feel free to contact me. I will be more than delighted to entertain you dying need for clarification.