Could Debating Be An Instrument For Realizing “One Malaysia” – Live On Radio

Posted on August 17, 2009


There’s actually a lot of things related to debating that will be discussed during the segment, like university competitive debating, how Malaysian universities fair in comparison to their peers from other universities abroad,etc. But the angle that I want to direct the discussion is with regards to social integration – after all, national integration and identity is the agenda of the country. My personal agenda is (1) to change the many negative connotations that debating may have among the Malaysian population, (2) to let people see debating beyond a university competitive activity/sport, (3) to promote debating as a tool for social change and a preferred instrument for conflict resolution, (4) to express my frustration and disappointment regarding the lack of support from the government on activities related to debating, and (5) to create brand awareness for the World Universities Peace Invitatonal Debate (WUPID) and an upcoming global debate-charged institute soon to be established in the country.  

They might open the telephone line for calls, which is an interesting feature as it paves room for exchange of thoughts and ideas. So make yourself, your family, your friends, your pet free and tune to Radio24 (93.9 FM – Klang Valley only) at 12:00 pm on the 18th of August 2009 (Tuesday). If you’re not from the Klang Valley, you can still catch my melodic voice (which would probably sound like a distant voice from a fax machine) via Radio24’s website –

Looking forward to hearing your calls.

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