Life And The Lefty Feel

Posted on August 12, 2009


It is sometimes just the feel, the gut is ticking a wee bit to the left. You just do not feel you could hack it this time. You look at the odds , whoa staggering wold be an understatement. Funny, it was just slightly under yesterday but it didn’t feel so BAD.

Well, that’s life. The feel, the odds, the challenges, the whole mix really depends on the perception. Thus, my undying love towards Han Solo who would not ever want to hear the odds quoted to him.

Man, well woman too, should just hack it and be hopeful that it will be better tomorrow. Like there’s no such thing as a truly fit top-grade professional footballer – they are all playing with bits that are breaking or falling off. What sets the best of them apart is an ability to play through the pain and discomfort. That is the main difference between a man and a kid. Play through the pain and take a few punches, who knows, maybe tomorrow you’re the one throwing them bombs.

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