Rambo X: Find The Speaker In You

Posted on August 10, 2009


It is understood that some speakers are powerful and loud, some are analytical, some are psychological, some are soft, some are humorous and all of them can succeed or fail at achieving the goals of their speech. How do we ensure success? There are many ways and all of them, have you, the speaker at the center.

Some speakers do not even care to view or follow other speakers or acquire pointers in lectures or books. Some speakers would emulate others or their styles but great ones would come out with their own styles and ways that are best suited for their character, voice and abilities. Therefore, all the pointers and reminders that anyone could give or find should be used in accordance to the person’s character, voice and ability. If your are not the humorous type than do not try to be and if you are not psychological in manner than do not try to be since you could end up being misunderstood. Use your strengths and find pointers, guides or reminders that will enable you to bring out the best in you.

In ‘Rambo III’ Richard Crenna(Col. Trautman) mentioned to Sylvester Stallone (Rambo) on the fact that he did dot make Rambo the way he is ( the perfect killing machine). He was just a good teacher as well as Rambo was a good student. Richard’s character in the movie mentioned that Rambo was like a beautiful statue in solid granite. The statue was already in existence and as a good teacher; he just pulled out the chips that would enable the statue to translate itself into being. ( I know, very Leornado da Vinci like but Rambo is certainly more muscular).

We should be like Rambo and his teacher and help loosen ourselves to bring out the statue of the greatest speaker ever, from within ourselves. We must learn to recognize the problematic chips( fear, intonation, structure, language and etc.) to bring out, how big is the chip and also how to bring it out. It is not impossible and nobody can do it better than the person, himself or herself, since the chips are within the person. Give it a go and find out the speaker in you.