EUDC 2009: Change Before We All Gag On The Fabric Of Oxford Debating

Posted on August 6, 2009


Couple of days back nearly a thousand dewy-eyed European university debaters were competing at the Newcastle European University Debating Championship (EUDC). The tournament that symbolises everything that has been right with European democracy since Hitler poisoned his dog.

I do not wish to dwell on european politics or democracy or history. I am more fascinated with Oxford’s colossul success in this years EUDC.  

Statistically speaking, there was a reasonable opportunity that the recent EUDC could have ended with an all-Oxford grand finals – but it didn’t. Tel Aviv managed to survive the semi-finals which later made them the only non-Oxford team to be at the grand finals. And I thought the one team that would have the capacity to destroy Oxford’s hope of absolute domination would either be from England or Ireland – congratulations Tel Aviv!

This remarkable success is not luck. Oxford has been dominating European debating for quite sometime. Last year, they had 2 teams in the finals and won. And they’re big in the World’s as well – having won the championship twice in a row. Of course it is a lot tougher especially due to the competition coming from Australia and Canada. And lets not forget the growing competition from the United States as well. It seems to me, that Oxford might quite as well win the Worlds again.

Below are the results:

Champion – Oxford A

ESL Champion – Lieden A