Help Institute Wins The Inaugural KLIUC Invitational Debate

Posted on August 4, 2009


For many years, active debate associations from private institutions have tried to qualify themselves for the Royals – a debate championship dedicated for public institutions only. Again and again they were turned down. This year, there are rumors that the doors are open and Royals would be welcoming private institution in its tournament. But this is something that is yet to happen. And if it ever does happen, I would persume that it would only be opened to semi-government universities such as Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UNIKL).

 What ever the future holds for eligibility at Royals, it does not really matter as much anymore. Private institutions now have their own platform exclusive for them only – KLIUC Invitational. The inaugural event ended last weekend and the finals was grand. I see a lot of potential in this tournament and looking forward to another KLIUC Invitational next year. Below is the final summary of the event:

Champion: Help Institute

Runner-up(s): KLIUC1, KDU1 and KDU4

Motion: THBT bloggers are a threat to national security.