Charity Begins At ‘Iraq Debate’

Posted on July 14, 2009


Hello supporters of debating.

I am working with some Iraq debaters to promote debating in Iraq. I feel a special burden to assist our brave brothers and sister in Iraq to try and improve their society through debate. It is easy for us to take for granted the debating communities we have, but we should not forget about others for which it is not so easy.

The spearhead for this is Muhammad Duhoki who has organized a group called Iraq Debate. Muhammad received training in Korea from Jason Jarvis and others at the Asian Debate Institute and at the Korea Development Institute. Muhammad has been back in Iraq for a while now and is acting very vigorously to train debaters and create debating networks. He took a group to Qatar recently for a competition and the Iraqis did quite well. He is also coming to the Serbian Debate Camp to be held later this month.

Iraq Debate has several teams now registered to attend the World Universities Debating Championships to be held in December-January in Antalya, Turkey. He has teams and enthusiasm and some financial support, but he is just a bit short and the time draws near to pay up or drop out.

If you would like to help Iraq Debate it would be greatly apprciated. I have personally made a financial commitment of $300 and will help sponsor them. I challenge you to do as much if not more. If you would like to find out how you can donate, please email him for details at

We need to act soon and they need our help now in order to attend worlds.

Future projects involve a debate workshop in Iraq featuring instruction in Arabic, Kurdish and English to be held in the fall. Muhammad and I will be reporting more on this in the future.

Hee is some text from their website.


1. Iraq Debate’s mission is to promote debate culture among Iraqis, especially Students across the universities and schools, to provide them with the modern concepts of analysis and communication skills so that they can meet the challenges which face Iraq. Iraq’s challenges and diversity means that it can and should be a leader in Debate Education and Research.
2. Promoting the value of Education.
3. Showing Iraq’s unique cultures and civilization to the world.
4. Promoting a sense of community.
5. Promoting Peace through dialogue and understanding.”

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