Debate Report: Monash Australs 2009

Posted on July 12, 2009


From the World Debating Website:

2009 Australasian Intervarsity Debating Champions: Monash University 1(Amit Golder, Tim Jeffrie, Fiona Prowse)

Runners-Up: Victoria University of Wellington 1 (Polly Higbee, StephenWhittington, Ella Edginton)

Grand Final Topic: “That Palestine should accept demilitarisation inreturn for a guaranteed sovereign state”

Martin Sorensen Cup for Best Speaker: Amit Golder

Jock Faneslow Cup for Best Speaker in the Grand Final: Amit Golder

The Top 10 Speakers:
1. Amit Golder (Monash University)
2. Claudia Newman-Martin (Australian National University)
3. Tim Jeffrie (Monash University)
4. Chris Croke (University of Sydney Union)
5. Fiona Prowse (Monash University)
6. Sam Greenland (University of Sydney Union)
7. Max Harris (University of Auckland)
7. Viv Jones (Monash University)
9. Su-Min Lim (University of New South Wales)
9. Steve Hind (University of Sydney Union)
9. Tim Mooney (University of Sydney Union)

Grand Final Adjudicators:
Leloy Claudio (Ateneo de Manila) (DCA) (Chair)
Suthen “Tate” Thomas (Multimedia University Cyberjaya)
Sharmila Parmanand (Ateneo de Manila)
Logan Balavijendran (Chung Ang University)
Art Ward (University College, Cork)
Harish Natarajan (Cambridge University)
Julia Bowes (University of Sydney)
Jason Jarvis (Korea Development Institute) (DCA)
Sadhana Rai (National University of Singapore)

Defeated Semi-Finalists: University of Sydney Union 1 (Tim Mooney, Steve Hind, Chris Croke) and Monash University 4 (Viv Jones, Ravi Dutta, Nita Rao)

2009 Australasian Intervasrsity Debating Champions – ESL DIVISION: University of Indonesia 1 (Tirza Reinata, Intan Hadidjah, Freida Siregar)

ESL Runner-up: The Chinese University of Hong Kong 1 (Doriane Lau, Dominic Yang, Mary Jean Chan)

ESL Grand Final Topic: “That ASEAN should establish a Human Rights Court”

The Top 5 ESL Speakers:
1. Tirza Reinata (University of Indonesia)
2. Melanie Tedja (Monash University)
3. Aishwarya Nair (Assumption University)
4. JiSoo Kim (Korea University)
5. Freida Siregar (University of Indonesia)
5. Minjae Matthias (Underwood International College)

ESL Grand Final Adjudicators:
Jacob Clifton (Monash University) (CA)
Duncan Campbell (University of Melbourne)
Chanelle Carr-Janif (Australian National University)
Masako Suzuki (Kanagawa University)
Mabroor Wassey (Bangladesh Debating Council)
Clodagh O’Connor-McKenna (Victoria University of Wellington)
Zid Niel Mancenido (Australian National University)
Pam Chan (Ateneo de Manila)
Brad Ward (University of Auckland)

Defeated ESL Semi-Finalists: University of Tokyo (Dai Oba, Ryotaro Tanaka, Atsushi Inutsuka) and International Christian University 1 (Miyuki Nozu, Ayana Shimizu, Keiichi Ishiwata)

Adjudication team:
Chief Adjudicator: Jacob Clifton (Monash University)
Deputy Chief Adjudicator: Jason Jarvis (Korea Development Institute)
Deputy Chief Adjudicator: Leloy Caludio (Ateneo de Manila)
Deputy Chief Adjudicator: Sayeqa Islam (Victoria University ofWellington)

Tab Director: Michael Ciesielski (University of Melbourne)


Round 1: Education
That extra fees or donations above the actual cost of education should not be used to gain admission into university.
That talented students should be taught separately from their peers.
That indigenous people should have free and unqualified access touniversity

Round 2: Global Financial Crisis
That Governments should bail out homeowners directly.
That trade unions should have their power restricted during times of economic crisis.
That Governments should obtain a majority stake in companies that they bail out.

Round 3: Sexuality
That the gay rights movement should not support the institution ofmarriage.
That we should recognise the right of religious groups to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.
That sexual education classes at school should include, but not be limited to: sexual orientation, anal sex, mutual gratification andmasturbation.

Round 4: The Environment
That population control should be part of any global approach to tackle climate change.
That protection of the environment should be considered a mitigating factor when sentencing eco-terrorists.
That the developed world should not sell contaminated material to the developing world for processing.

Round 5: Borders
That soliders who have fought for foreign countries should be granted citizenship within the country that they fought for.
That this house would open all borders.
That the US should grant citizenship to all Guantanamo detainees regardless of guilt.

Round 6: Latin America
That the United States should stop funding the Columbian Government.
That Latin American countries should take action against countries whose leaders took power through military coups.
That the United States should stop buying Hugo Chavez’s oil.

Round 7: Law
That single parents in prison should be provided special treatment to allow them to raise their young children from behind bars.
That parliamentarians should receive no compensation beyond their base salary.
That employees of the United States Government who authorised or carried out “enhanced interrogation techniques” during the Bush administration should be prosecuted.

Round 8: The “STOP” round
That we should ban celebrities from participating in political campaigns.
That we should ban mail-order brides.
That we should ban the use and development of all unmanned offensive military weaponry.

Quarter Finals
That businesses should refuse to comply with China’s internet restrictions.
That the hiring and firing by employers should not be influenced by information found on social networking sites.
That the Government should subsidise print journalism.

Semi-finals (wording TBC)
That we should not privatise water
This House supports a global free market in drugs
This House supports buying babies

Grand Final
That Palestine should accept demilitarisation in return for a guaranteed sovereign state.
That we should grant the Roma (Gypsies) a sovereign state.
That we should divide Sudan.